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Zelenskiy also questioned the ability of the UN Security Council to provide security, undermining the very functions for which it was created.

The UN Security Council exists, and security in the world doesn’t. For anyone.

This definitely means that the United Nations is currently unable to carry out the functions for which it was created. And only one state is to blame for this – Russia, which discredits the UN and all other international institutions where it still participates.

Well, not exactly participates… Tries to block everything constructive and use global architecture in order to spread lies and justify the evil it does.

I’m sure the world sees it. I hope the world will draw conclusions. Otherwise there will be only one institution left in the world to guarantee the security of states. Namely – weapons.

Zelenskiy said he suggested hosting a global conference in Kyiv to “determine how the world’s architecture can be reformed” given all the actions of Russia.

The Ukrainian president also described another day of “active diplomatic work” where he addressed the UN Security Council, the Spanish Parliament and spoke with French President Emmanuel Macron, adding that France would help provide technical support in the investigation of the Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

He added that Ukraine is preparing to welcome President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell in Kyiv in the near future.

“We are preparing a new package of powerful sanctions against Russia for everything it has done to our people,” he added.


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4,468 Russian war crimes including rape under investigation, prosecutor says

Ukrainian prosecutors say they are investigating 4,468 alleged Russian war crimes after the horror of recent atrocities committed in the Ukrainian town of Bucha came to light, prompting global revulsion and a raft of crippling new sanctions against Russia.

According to figures released by the prosecutors office, a total of 4,468 potential war crimes were listed as under investigation as of Tuesday with the figure growing by hundreds every day. An estimated 165 children have also died as a consequence of Russia’s invasion, the agency added.

Ukraine’s prosecutor general Iryna Venediktova described the recently liberated towns surrounding Kyiv as a “tortured region from hell” and vowed to “punish the inhumans who set it up on our land” at a press briefing held from Bucha on Tuesday.

“Russia will be responsible for Bucha in The Hague,” she added in a statement published later in the day.

“Prosecutors and investigators are already examining the area [Kyiv region] and documenting crimes, so that every perpetrator of these atrocities are brought to justice both in national and international courts,” she said.

Ukraine’s prosecutors office has said pre-trial investigations have begun across the country, including in the regions of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Sumy, Mykolaiv, Donetsk and Luhansk.

“We are collecting evidence for the national courts and the International Criminal Court in the Hague. Evidence is no longer just war crimes, but crimes against humanity. And we will prove every fact to punish those who tortured, mocked and destroyed Ukrainians,” Venediktova said.

Russian soldiers have committed sexual violence against Ukrainian women and men, children and elderly people,” she said in a seperate statement.

But the victims are silent about it. It’s their choice. And it’s clear: fear, pain, despair, total disbelief to all.”

Specifically, the prosecutor general referenced reported atrocities committed in Bucha.

“Bucha was released from the occupiers, but the consequences of their atrocities will have to be recovered for a long time: civilians were killed in the streets, cars were shot, torturers in basements,” she said.

Venediktova said prosecutors are currently investigating the “horrifying fact of torturing, killing and attempting burning of bodies of six civilians in Bucha,” she added to Twitter on Tuesday.

The occupiers tried to burn the bodies of six tortured and killed civilians in Bucha,” she said, adding that prosecutors together with Kyiv Region police officers found a torture chamber in the town of Bucha in the basement of a children’s sanatorium.

Ukraine’s prosecutor’s office said in a statement on Tuesday:

During the occupation of the city of Bucha, soldiers of the Russian Federation armed forces, violating international humanitarian law standards, killed civilians and set fire to their bodies in order to hide the crime.

During the investigation, it was found that the bodies of the dead have traces of violent death and torture. The prosecutors of the Bucha district and Kyiv region prosecutor’s office work on the site together with police employees. Measures are being taken to determine all circumstances of the crime. The pre-trial investigation is underway.”

The Buchanian District Prosecutor’s Office has initiated criminal proceedings, the office confirmed.

In the basement of one of the children’s sanatoriums, law enforcement officers discovered the bodies of five men with their hands tied. Soldiers of the Russian Federation armed forces tortured unarmed civilians and then killed them.

Prosecutors and police officers work at the scene of the crime. All measures are taken to determine the circumstances of every war crime and person involved in the Russian aggression in order to bring them to justice.”

All over the Kyiv region, investigative and operative groups are investigating crime scenes across various districts, Venediktova said.

“More than 50 national police staff and prosecutors are now involved to conduct first-ever investigations in the territory of Buchansky district alone,” she said in a statement earlier this week.

Similar work is also reportedly being developed in all liberated towns in the Kyiv and Chernihiv region, with investigators collaborating with the local population to talk with witnesses, victims and gather photos and video evidence, Venediktova added,

“It takes time and a professional approach to record everything correctly and not lose any chance to find and punish the guilty,” she said.


European and international donors have agreed to extend 659.5 million euros in aid to Moldova, Europe’s poorest country, which is hosting more than 100,000 refugees from Ukraine at a time of soaring energy prices, Reuters reports.

German foreign minister Annalena Baerbock said Germany would work to help Moldova free itself from its dependency on Russia for energy supplies while speaking after a donor conference she hosted in Berlin.

We agreed today to support Moldova with loans, budget support and other financial assistance worth 659.5 million euros.”

With fewer than 3 million people, Moldova has taken in more refugees fleeing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine per head than any other country.

Moldova relies exclusively on Russia’s Gazprom for gas imports. Moldovan Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita asked donors at the conference, who included the EU and the French and Romanian foreign ministers, for support in diversifying her country’s energy supplies even as it deals with refugees in need.

“Since the beginning of the war, 400,000 refugees have crossed Moldova’s borders and 100,000 have decided to stay,” she said. “Almost half of them are children, these are vulnerable populations.”


Here is another view of a mass grave reportedly found next to a church in Bucha, on the outskirts of Kyiv, Ukraine.

A mass grave reportedly found next to a church in Bucha, on the outskirts of Kyiv, Ukraine. Photograph: Rodrigo Abd/AP

US chipmaker Intel Corp said it has suspended business operations in Russia, joining a slew of companies to exit the country following its invasion of Ukraine.

The company, which had last month suspended shipments to customers in Russia and Belarus, said it has implemented business continuity measures to minimise disruption to its global operations.

“Intel continues to join the global community in condemning Russia’s war against Ukraine and calling for a swift return to peace,” the company said, Reuters reported.

International Business Machines Corp too had suspended shipments as Ukraine urged US cloud-computing and software companies to cut off business with Russia.

Servers from IBM, Dell Technologies Inc and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co top the market in Russia, where companies and government agencies have relied on technology developed by the west as the basis for their owned-and-operated IT systems.


The United States and the European Union are set to impose additional sanctions on Russia on Wednesday, including Kremlin officials and their families.

Earlier, we reported that White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the US would ban new investment in Russia and place further sanctions on Russian financial institutions

The Wall Street Journal is also reporting that Washington is considering additional sanctions against Putin’s two daughters and Sberbank, Russia’s largest bank.

EU ambassadors will consider plans for a fifth package of sanctions, that includes banning imports of Russian coal, and preventing most Russian- owned or operated ships from using EU ports.

The United States will announce new sanctions on Russia’s Alfa Bank as soon as on Wednesday, a Wall Street Journal reporter tweeted.


Volodymyr Zelenskiy says now is the “crucial moment” for western leaders to impose further sanctions on Russia.

“After what the world saw in Bucha, sanctions against Russia must be commensurate with the gravity of the occupiers’ war crimes,” he said. “If after that Russian banks will still be able to function as usual… If after that the transit of goods to Russia will continue as usual… If after that the EU countries will pay for Russian energy resources as usual… Then the political fate of some leaders will develop not as usual.”

Watch the Ukrainian president’s most recent address below.

Zelenskiy says war has reached crucial moment for western leaders – video


Around 5,000 Russian war crimes are currently under investigation in Ukraine, prosecutor general Iryna Venediktova said at a briefing in Bucha on Tuesday.

“Even in such a cruel situation, war crimes are first on the spectrum, followed by crimes against humanity and genocide,” the Kyiv Independent cited Venediktova as saying.

“Prosecutors are directing investigation into horrifying fact of torturing, killing and attempting burning of bodies of 6 civilians in Bucha. The criminal case is initiated under Article 438 of the Criminal Code (Violations of the laws and customs of war)“ she added to Twitter on Tuesday.

“Under the direction of prosecutors, a pre-trial investigation is underway into violations of the laws and customs of war and violations of international humanitarian law. The occupiers tried to burn the bodies of six tortured and killed civilians in Bucha.”


Stark images from the Ukrainian town of Chernihiv, about 150km north-east of Kyiv, are the latest to emerge.

A man walks in front of a destroyed building in Chernihiv, Ukraine.
A man walks in front of a destroyed building in Chernihiv, Ukraine. Photograph: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
A woman injured by shelling and her child in a hospital in Chernihiv, Ukraine.
A woman injured by shelling and her child in a hospital in Chernihiv, Ukraine. Photograph: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
Two people pick up debris from a bombed building in Chernihiv, Ukraine.
Two people pick up debris from a bombed building in Chernihiv, Ukraine. Photograph: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Twitter to introduce new measures against Russian government accounts propaganda

Twitter has announced it is introducing new measures against Russian government accounts to reduce the impact of official propaganda on the social network.

The official accounts will no longer be “recommended” to Twitter users across all categories of the app, including in searches, the platform said in a statement.

The California company, like its rival Meta, parent company of Facebook and Instagram, had already blocked the accounts of the Russian state-run media RT and Sputnik in the European Union.

Moscow responded by restricting access to Twitter in the country, and blocking Facebook and Instagram.

We will not amplify or recommend government accounts belonging to states that limit access to free information and are engaged in armed interstate conflict – whether Twitter is blocked in that country or not,” Twitter said in a statement.

When a government blocks or limits access to online services within their state, undercutting the public’s voice and ability to freely access information, but continues to use online services for their own communications, a severe information imbalance is created.”

Russian authorities have stepped up censorship to control the way in which the war is portrayed on television and in the press, but also by private individuals on social networks.

Using words such as “war” or “invasion” to describe the intervention or refer to actions against civilians is prohibited. The Russian government has instead labeled the conflict a “special military operation.”

In addition, the main independent media that still exist in Russia have been blocked or have suspended their work.


The New Zealand government also announced it will be introducing a 35% tariff on all imports from Russia and would extend existing export prohibitions to industrial products closely connected to strategic Russian industries.

“The images and reports emerging of atrocities committed against civilians in Bucha and other regions of Ukraine is abhorrent and reprehensible, and New Zealand continues to respond to Putin’s mindless acts of aggression,” foreign minister Nanaia Mahuta said in a statement.

She said the government expects to roll out further measures under the Russian Sanctions Act to support Ukraine. The new tariffs and sanctions will come into force from 25 April.

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