YouTube studio and channel switching is down | #firefox | #chrome | #microsoftedge

If you log in to YouTube this afternoon, you may notice some very strange issues. Users are reporting the sidebar not loading, not being able to switch accounts, or not being able to fetch their channel list. Downdetector shows the issues showing up around 2:30pm EST today with the number of reports climbing from there.


Several users have taken to Twitter to find out what is going on and then find out that the issue is more widespread than they thought. The issue can be replicated on the YouTube website, the mobile apps, and even their smart TV apps such as the one for Google TV and Apple TV. There is no statement yet from YouTube on an ETA.

Here at Chrome Unboxed, we’ve been unable to upload videos, edit descriptions, or do basically anything needed to post new content on YouTube at the moment. We’ll update this post when things get back to normal, but just knowing you aren’t alone when the world’s largest video platform misses a beat is always helpful.

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