YouTube creators scam Indian SCAMMERS! Funny outcomes present here | #computerhacking | #hacking

YouTube creators have gone on a war against Indian scamsters with pranks and CCTV cameras. Here are all the details.

Most scams on the phone or internet are all engineered from Indian call centres. Nobody likes them and not certainly some YouTube creators, who have taken upon themselves to teach them a lesson. And, the fighting does not involve weapons of any kind, or verbal abuse or torture. In fact, these YouTube creators are relying on cockroaches, stick bombs, glitter bombs, and hacking. This involves former NASA engineer Mark Rober and another YouTube creator Jim Browning, who have attacked these scammers in the worst way possible.

The creators have been making such videos wherein through pranks, they have helped the police catch these phone scammers. However, they dug deep this time and went all-in on with their weapons. Rober and Browning had previously sent glitter bombs with cameras in the package to record the footage and upload it online. This time, they went hacking the call centres’ CCTV cameras to infiltrate, while another YouTube pair had gone to Kolkata directly to run operations on the ground.

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YouTube creators go all in on scammers

The videos shared by these YouTube creators are hilarious. The video shared by Trilogy Media is all about introducing sleeper agents to these call centres. This happens before they plant pranks such cockroaches containers and classic stink bombs. Browning videos show the conversation with the scammers while recording their reactions on CCTV cameras.

However, Rober managed to find access to the financial data of these scam operations. While observing their boss enter the computer password, the managed to hack into their financial accounts and found out that the scamsters mane to make over $65,000 per day.

Do these pranks videos have any effect? Mostly not. Most of these videos and pranks are ignored by the local police, at least in the city of Kolkata, where the scamsters were targeted. However, in one rare case, the crew of Robert via one of their videos managed to get a call centre closed!

It is these kind of call centres that give rise to these scams over the phone or messages. Scamsters from these places often send dubious texts or calls, forcing people into fall for the traps. Most often, these traps come in they form of OTP requests, bank account termination warnings, jackpot prize money and so on.

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