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Do you know who is the strongest and most dangerous person in the world? The one who has no password on his mobile phone. Nordpass, a password management company, has released a list of the world’s weakest passwords for 2021.

The topmost among them is 123456. At the second position is 123456789 and the third position is held by 12345.

Talking about India, the weakest passwords are in India. Here, a number of people use ‘Password’ as their Password. The number of such people is more than 17 lakhs.

After this, come 12345, 123456, 123456789, which are used by 12 lakh, 11 lakh and more than 2 lakh people respectively as their passwords. Whereas the number of people who made India 123 their password is more than 1.26 lakh. Apart from this, qwerty and abc123 are among the weakest passwords in India. Out of these, except India123, all other passwords can be cracked in less than a second. It takes an average of 17 minutes to crack India123.

Besides, the most used passwords in India include ‘XXX, ‘I LOVE You’, ‘krishna’ ‘Om Sai ram, Jai Mata Di, Bismillah, Waheguru, Sai Baba’. These can also be cracked in a few seconds to a few minutes and hours.

The list of these weakest passwords for 2021 has been prepared on the basis of a study done in 50 countries.

There was a time when the world used to keep locks for the security of the house, but now the password has taken its place. If someone cracked the password of your mobile phone, then all the locks from your personal life to your bank accounts will be broken. 

Earlier, it was said that the bigger the lock, the better and the locks of Aligarh are quite famous in this regard. Then, electronic locks started taking replacing them, which can be made more secure with the help of passwords. But the password you use for your mobile phone, laptop, tablet or other similar digital devices, may not be that strong.

In 2016 alone, more than 300 crore passwords were stolen from around the world, that is, hackers easily steal 8 lakh passwords every day. IT experts believe that a password of seven characters can be hacked in less than a second, a password of 9 characters can be hacked in 5 days and that of 10 characters in 4 months. But if you want that no one can crack your password even for 200 years, then you have to make it of at least 12 characters. And the combination of these characters should also be such, which is difficult to guess. In this, apart from alphabets, you should also use special symbols and numbers.

However, this is where the trouble also starts. Difficult passwords are also difficult to remember and easy passwords can be easily stolen, so now companies are looking towards a passwordless future and it has already started. Now instead of a password, your eye scan, facial recognition and fingerprints are being used for this.

However, if you are still surrounded by passwords, we want to tell you that consider your passwords like your toothbrush. Don’t give it to anyone else and keep changing it every 3 months.

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