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You Tube and guns

My good friend and longtime hunting partner WAYNE PEARSON told me not long ago that he had designed a terrific rifle and that it was being built by a reputable firm in Georgia. We decided to talk with a social media expert on the best way to put this rifle on several social media platforms. The expert said that things have tightened up dramatically and social media platforms frown badly on putting weapon content on their platforms. And now I learn from a press clipping that Safari club international has taken a stand against tech’s censorship of hunting.

Unfortunately, censorship of hunting-related content on social media is everywhere—and Safari Club International thinks it’s time for hunters to stand up to this censorship by Big Tech!


Big Tech’s latest censorship attempt is occurring at YouTube, the world’s largest video content media mogul, which has added new guidelines to its “Ad-Friendly Content Guidelines.” New restrictions on any picture/video showing an animal in distress caused by human action will censor content from a hunting channel and limit views.


This move will demonetize hunters, as taking away views will remove any chance of making ad revenue, the only way to make money from YouTube. Furthermore, these new guidelines will limit videos used to educate new hunters on safety and conservation issues.


But SCI is fighting against Big Tech censorship on behalf of hunters across the country. If you haven’t already, now is the time to sign onto SCI’s “Petition to Stand Up to Big Tech” at Hunter voices need to be heard!    

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