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A user on Reddit encountered a new setting in their Google Home app for Routines that’s sure to take some of the pain out of managing them. Normally, when you create a Routine by voice with Assistant, it’s dumped into the Home app with the name you gave it verbally under the Starter trigger.


The point of this was to make it easier for you to speak to Assistant conversationally, as you would to a person. Now, a pencil icon graces the top of the screen right next to the routine name, and it allows you to change it to be whatever you want.

What’s truly important is the “Starters” section, which determines how you trigger the routine itself, so the actual name of it is just shorthand for you to identify it visually while scrolling through, so it’s nice to finally have the ability to change this!

Unfortunately, you still can’t change the name of pre-existing routines that Google set up from the get-go. Things like “Bedtime”, “Workday”, “I’m home”, “Commuting home”, and so on remain fixed in stone, but I’m not too broken up about it.

The place I truly want to rename things is the custom-built routines, though I do wish we could choose an icon for them so they’re easier to tell apart as you browse through your collection. I would love to know in the comments below if anyone still uses routines…routinely. I’ve just recently picked them back up again, and have had to tweak them a bit to match my new smart home setup, and am excited to see what Google does with them over the next few years as things evolve.

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