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Programme’s keynote address on application of AI and ML in drawing results using a vast amount of data around us

ATAL Academy FDPs have been organised by AICTE to help impart quality technical education in the country

Xavier Institute of Social Service (XISS), Ranchi is hosting a five-day AICTE training and learning (ATAL) Academy Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on emerging trends in business analytics for managers, which began on November 22.

The ATAL Academy FDPs have been organised by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) to help in imparting quality technical education in the country as well as support technical institutions in fostering research, innovation and entrepreneurship through training in various emerging areas.

Mahua Banerjee, head of the Information Technology Programme at XISS, introduced the five-day programme to the participants, speaking about the subject and the relevance of Business Analytics in the present time. XISS director Fr Joseph Marianus Kujur delivered the welcome speech, highlighting the importance of data handling.

“Data is the heart of business analytics and in today’s time there is a wide scope for managers who can deal smartly with the analysis of data for business. This has introduced a paradigm shift as managers can now also work as financial analysts, market researchers, and in fields of data and machine learning,” he said.

The keynote address was delivered by Aloknath De, senior vice-president and chief technology officer of Samsung India, Bangalore. De spoke on the intersection of Business Information Intelligence, Business Statistical Intelligence and Business Modelling Intelligence.

The key highlight of De’s talk was the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in drawing results using a vast amount of data around us and how decision making in various industries are done.

In one of the business sessions, Swagatham Das — an associate professor at Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) Kolkata — talked about the evolution of business analytics for data-driven decision making. Das also stressed upon the scope of business analytics in the current scenario when data is fluctuating every second.

Pradip K Bala, a professor at Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ranchi, talked about the relevance of data analytics for business in recent times at yet another session. He primarily spoke about various techniques used in data analysis.

The final session for the day was engaged by Anamika Singh, director, Sinhgad Institute of Management and Computer Application. She addressed the participants and spoke about traits of data analytics.

Last updated on 23 Nov 2021

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