X.Org Server Hit By New Local Privilege Escalation, Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities | #linux | #linuxsecurity

Getting things started for this “Patch Tuesday” are the disclosure of two new X.Org Server vulnerabilities.

These issues affecting out-of-bounds accesses with the X.Org Server can lead to local privilege elevation on systems where the X.Org Server is running privileged and remote code execution for SSH X forwarding sessions.

CVE-2022-2319 and CVE-2022-2320 were made public this morning and both deal with the X.Org Server’s Xkb keyboard extension not properly validating input that could lead to out-of-bounds memory writes. Hopefully though in 2022 you aren’t relying on your xorg-server running as root.

Fixes for these XKB vulnerabilities have been patched in X.Org Server Git and xorg-server 21.1.4 point release is expected soon with these fixes. Both vulnerabilities were discovered by Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative.

More details in today’s X.Org Security Advisory.

Update: X.Org Server 21.1.4 is now available. In addition to these security fixes there is also a large number of XQuartz fixes from Apple, a GCC 12 build fix in the render code, a possible crash fix in the PRESENT code, and various other small fixes.

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