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The lack of true multi-tasking has long been a criticism thrown at the iPad, but this may (or may not) be about to change, and we may (or may not) learn more about this at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The big event begins June 6. 

Let’s mingle, let’s mix it up

The evidence for the change is sparse — it consists of additional WebKit code for a multitasking mode that suggests freely-resizable windows. What this might mean in practice is that you’ll be able to open multiple windows on iPad and resize them as you like, closer to the Mac experience.

Developer Steve Troughton-Smith speculates the code could feasibly support new iPad OS-powered devices as well as providing a user experience similar to a Mac desktop.

Apple continues to bring both iPad and Mac user experiences closer together, while continuing to respect the differences between both. That vision extends to complementary use, as evidenced by Universal Control announced in 2021. The latter lets you use a Mac and an iPad together with one mouse and keyboard to control both and improved partnership across the platforms — you can drag-and-drop items between devices, for example. The sum of both devices used together becomes bigger than the parts, while both devices retain their uniqueness.

Now with bigger engines

With Apple Silicon, both devices now have much bigger engines. With this in mind, it is quite interesting that despite Apple’s use of Mac-class M1 Apple Silicon chips across most of the iPad range, little is known of how it plans to exploit that processing power in iPad OS 16. Apple won’t have powered-up the range for no good reason, but speculation has been conspicuously absent in recent weeks.

What we have heard consists of improved notifications and vague noises about “new ways to interact with apps,” and “fresh Apple apps.” What little we also think we know suggests improvements to notifications, health apps, and potentially a platform for future development of the company’s anticipated AR glasses.

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