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A new WordPress anti-malware firewall vulnerability can lead to serious hacking levels. Cybersecurity researchers even claimed that this new plugin flaw could allow online attackers to conduct an administrator-level malicious campaign.  

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The new vulnerability is pretty serious since it was found in the popular anti-malware firewall plugin called Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall. 

More than 200,000 websites use this security plugin. It is specifically designed to defend other websites, acting as a firewall and a security scanner. 

On the other hand, its premium version prevents brute force attacks that can breach passwords and usernames and conduct DDoS campaigns. 

New WordPress Anti-Malware Firewall Vulnerability 

According to Search Engine Journal’s latest report, it seems like the firewall plugin accidentally patched a cross-site scripting flaw. 

WordPress Anti-Malware Firewall Vulnerability Allows Administrator Level Hacking! Do This To Prevent It

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Security experts are now concerned because this new vulnerability can allow reflected XSS attacks. Malicious actors can take advantage of this new flaw by uploading a script. 

The implemented script can be activated when a website administrator visits the compromised URL. After that, online attackers will have admin-level permissions, allowing them to access sensitive user data. 

Although the United States Government National Vulnerability hasn’t considered this flaw a severe-level vulnerability, it can still lead to serious malicious campaigns.  

Preventing WordPress Anti-Malware Firewall Flaw 

Cybersecurity researchers said that the best thing that users can do is to have a backup of their WordPress data. They need to do this before updating any WordPress theme or plugin. 

After that, they can now install the new Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall WordPress Version 4.20.96 to fix the issue. 

Aside from the new firewall security flaw, Bleeping Computer recently reported that another WordPress plugin vulnerability put around 500,000 websites at risk of hacking. 

If you want to know more about the flaw in the WordPress Elementor Website Builder plugin, you can visit this link. 

In 2021, millions of WordPress sites were affected by some plugin flaws. 

Meanwhile, WordPress and other browsers said that they are against Google’s ad-targeting tech.

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