Woot Is Blowing Out Arlo Pro Security Cameras Today | #android | #mobilesecurity

Woot has a really great sale going on today for Arlo Pro security cameras.

You can pick up an add-on camera for $79.99. Or a two-camera set for $149, there is a four-camera set for $299 and a five-camera set for $359. Keep in mind that these are refurbished cameras from Arlo, and not brand new ones. But these prices are really good and a good way to keep your home safe and sound.

The Arlo Pro is a wire-free (or wireless) security camera from NETGEAR – a company who owns the most market share in the security camera industry. It runs on batteries, and the battery will last around 30 days or so on a charge. This all depends on how you use these cameras. They don’t actually record 24/7, but rather, record when there is motion or people in its view. So it’s not recording nothing all day, which is good to see.

These cameras do work with Amazon Alexa (and soon Google Assistant), allowing you to stream the live feed on a display like the Fire TV, Fire TV Stick or Echo Show. If you don’t have Alexa, you can still see the feed on your smartphone using the Arlo app, which is available for both iOS and Android. Allowing you to get notifications when there is motion in or outside of your home.

They can also be used inside or out, since they are also weatherproof. And as mentioned, they run on batteries. So you won’t need to worry about running wires out to the camera, if you decided to put them up outside. There’s also the option to use the same Arlo app to watch all of your cameras at once.

You can pick up the Arlo Pro cameras from Woot today by clicking here. These prices are not going to last very long – in fact only until the end of the day. So you’ll want to grab them before they are gone.

Arlo Pro Cameras – Woot

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