Woman shares husband’s response to receiving ‘scam’ sexts from unknown number: ‘Hubby has my back’ | #socialmedia

(TikTok / ashbash0921)

A woman has praised her husband’s loyalty after showing his response to sext messages he received from an unknown number.

A screenshot of the unprompted message was posted to TikTok by Ashli Whitworth, who goes by @ashbash0921on the app. “Hubby has my back,” she captioned the video, which was posted on 14 March and now has more than 813,000 views.

“My husband got this random text today…he chose life,” Whitworth wrote in a text caption on the video. “Not today satan”.

In the message sent to her husband’s phone, the alleged scam number texted: “Feeling frisky 2nite,” to which Whitworth’s husband responded:“Wrong number.”

The notice did little to deter the sender, however, as the spam number then wrote back: “I’ve run a bath and bought some new body oil for u to try on me;)!”

“Again, you have the wrong number,” the TikToker’s husband replied. “I suggest you stop texting me unless you plan on drowning in that bath just ran…my wife don’t play.”

The TikTok video received more than 600 comments from social media users joking that the alleged scam text was likely his wife’s friend trying to test him, while others shared that they’ve been receiving similar text messages.

“That was your wife’s friend testing you,” joked one person, while another person said: “Well played husband. Well played.”

Someone else revealed they received the same message, commenting: “I got that one too!!!”

“Yo I got this same text last week…” another person said.

According to one viewer, the message is a “pretty common scam text,” as they noted that they “get similar ones all the time”.“Sometimes they send pics sometimes they don’t,” they added.

In 2020, SMS-based phishing scams – also known as smishing – rose 328 per cent, according to cyber security company Proofpoint. There are many ways to protect yourself from a text message scam, such as not clicking on any links and not following directions given in the text message.

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