Woman Out $130,000 After Falling For Scam | KLIN | #malware | #ransomware

Lincoln Police were called on March 11th to investigate an internet scam.

At 2 p.m. on March 4th, a 76 year old woman received an alert on her computer that she was the victim a ransomware attack. She was told to contact the “Microsoft” number that apparently was in the alert.

The woman called the number and was told she needed to transfer her Wells Fargo funds to a new Wells Fargo account. She was instructed to physically go to a Wells Fargo bank branch and wire $130,000 from her account into a new account. She was coached on the phone the entire time.

The scammer then asked for access to the woman’s retirement account. That prompted the victim’s friend to tell her the call was likely a scam.

The woman then called police days later. Officials say they believe the money is gone and was last somewhere in China.

Lincoln Police remind citizens if they are contacted and someone requests they provide payment or move funds, it is always advisable to end the call and place an independent call to the company to verify authenticity of the request.

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