Woman Discovers Petrol Pump Hack That Gives You Exact Right Amount Of Fuel | #government | #hacking | #cyberattack

People are thanking a TikToker for sharing a ‘life changing’ petrol pump hack that makes sure you only ever fill up exactly how much fuel you need. Check it out:

Amid ever-rising prices in the UK, drivers now more than ever need to watch the amount of petrol they’re putting into their tanks.

As well as addressing this issue, the trick is the ideal solution for anyone who hates seeing the reader on the petrol pump go over the desired amount by 1p.

The tip was shared by TikTok user Livs (@livticks) after she discovered a handy preset button that does all the work for you.

In the now viral clip, she focuses the camera on the button while explaining: “How did I never know this existed?

“If you click this button – two times ten for £20 – it will stop itself at exactly £20.”

This preset button will ensure you only ever spend exactly what you want to on petrol. Credit: TikTok/@livticks

When the pump does exactly that, stopping at the 20 quid mark, she shouts, “Wow! That’s so cool.”

Now, before you start commenting on the fact that you knew about this hack already, a lot of people didn’t and it’s a nifty trick to make sure you don’t go over budget every time you refill.

The now viral video has received more than two million views at the time of writing, with thousands of comments from people sharing their thoughts on the hack.

“Wait u mean no more £20.01????” said one, to which another replied: “LIFE CHANGING.”

Lots of people agreed with this sentiment, including one who said they ‘don’t know why it bugs them’ when the amount goes 1p over.

TikTok user Livs shared the hack. Credit: TikTok/@livticks
TikTok user Livs shared the hack. Credit: TikTok/@livticks

Others, however, had a different take on the pet peeve, with one writing, “But that defeats the challenge of trying to do it yourself. it’s a game in itself to land on 000s no .01 or .99,” alongside a laughing face emoji.”

Another said: “Part of the game is trying to get it bang on the number though! It’s an art.”

One commenter also clarified that not all fuel pumps have the pre-set button, but when they do it’s a ‘game changer’.

And then there were those who brought up fuel costs, including this user who quipped: “Where did £20 get you tho…. To the next street???”

Another added: “£20 for 10 litres of fuel is criminal behaviour.”

Fuel prices continue to rise in the UK. Credit: Pixabay
Fuel prices continue to rise in the UK. Credit: Pixabay

Speaking of the rapid price hike, Simon Williams, a spokesperson for the RAC, said to Sky News: “The cost of filling a 55-litre family car with petrol has now topped £98 for the first time in history.”

He added: “We strongly urge the Government to take drastic action to help soften the impact for drivers from these never-before-seen pump prices.”

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