Woman arrested after allegedly scamming on Facebook’s ‘Marketplace’ | #socialmedia

Richard Drew/AP

A woman has been arrested after online offending on Facebook.

A Masterton woman has been arrested after scamming customers on popular social media platform, Facebook, by allegedly ‘selling’ the same item more than 40 times.

The 32-year-old, who is on bail, will appear at Masterton District Court on August 19, in relation to online offending and shoplifting.

Senior Sergeant Ian Osland​ said police received a report from a member of the public who bought a multi-tool on marketplace for $95, but never received it.

Police then reviewed the woman’s bank statements and found she had sold the multi-tool 47 times across a 13-day period.

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“Police, were particularly concerned over the number of people who fell victim to the scam and did not report it to police,” Osland said.

“Many people choose not to out of embarrassment at being deceived, however they should be assured that police will take any report seriously.”

Osland said the incident was not “an uncommon occurrence”, and police had seen similar instances involving cell phones, vehicles, electronics and other goods.

Police advised people to buy and sell off regulated websites like Trade Me.

Osland also urged people not to hand over the goods they were selling until the payment had been cleared and the money was in their bank account.

“If you are buying items, avoid doing so on social media and purchase them from legitimate stores or companies. If you decide to purchase off social media, we encourage you to take basic precautions to protect yourself.”

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