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Q: It is my understanding that Windows Defender Antivirus gives Windows users the same basic protections that you get from other free antivirus programs like Avast Free Edition and AVG Free Edition. Is this correct?

— Earl F., location not provided

A: Windows Defender Antivirus (known simply as Windows Defender in the past) is a fully capable means of antivirus protection for Windows PCs.

Is it a replacement for other free versions of threat prevention, like the aforementioned AVG Free Edition and Avast Free Edition? Yes and no, but that also depends on your computing environment and what you like to do with your system.

If you remember, Windows Defender started out as a piece of add-on software that came pre-installed on Windows PCs. At first, it really just served as a second-level on-demand scanning system for basic malware detection — and, honestly speaking, it wasn’t very good at that job.

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