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Microsoft is giving Windows users one more reason to use Windows 11.

The tech giant is allegedly giving Windows 11 Explorer the ability to save RAM while multiple folders or tabs are open simultaneously, much like Microsoft Edge, according to Dutch tech website

Windows 11 Explorer’s tabs feature is one of the features announced to be coming to Windows 11 on May 24, per Windows Latest.

Windows 11 Explorer’s Tabs New Capabilities

Windows 11’s Explorer is reportedly getting not only the ability to create tabs just like the popular web browsers like Microsoft Edge, but it will also have a new navigation sidebar to better show off the update.

Hardware Info mentioned that compared to a full-fledged new Explorer window, a tab in the new Windows 11 Explorer uses less RAM or working memory, with a new tab increasing memory consumption by only one megabyte.

Additionally, Windows 11 Explorer’s new ability to open tabs instead of windows is enabled by default, but’s article didn’t mention if it could be switched off to use Windows 11 Explorer as Microsoft originally intended.

The update could be a lifesaver to Windows 11-enabled desktop and laptop users with a low amount of RAM (4GB – 8GB RAM); their device’s processes and response time will be faster than before the feature was released.

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The tabs feature will also remove the need to switch between multiple Explorer windows or navigate to and from folders through the navigation sidebar and its Quick Access section.

However, PC Gamer mentioned in its article that it’s difficult to know how much RAM Windows 11 Explorer’s tabs generally use and that the consumed RAM will be “a little different for everyone.”

Regardless, the feature alone could provide the convenience people need (less ALT+TAB!) and make PCs and laptops running Windows 11 faster than those running Windows 10 or older operating systems.

Tabs for Windows 11 Explorer will be included with Windows 11’s Sun Valley 2 update (version 22H2), which will launch sometime in fall 2022.

Microsoft’s Previous Announcement For Windows 11 Explorer Tabs


Microsoft previously announced it will be adding tabs to Windows 11 Explorer in April along with other new Windows 11 features such as snap layout gestures and folders in the Start menu.

Additionally, Windows 11’s Explorer will get a darker dark mode and a new “Home” view that lets you view recently opened files, such as photos and videos, and integration with OneDrive.

At the time of Microsoft’s announcement of tabs for Windows 11 explorer, it is still unstable and that it won’t appear in the production builds of Windows 11 version 22H2.

Brandon Leblanc, Senior Program Manager for the Windows Insider Program team, mentioned on Twitter that tabs in Windows 11 Explorer would show up to Windows Insiders (between the Dev and Beta Channels) when they’re ready. He added that Microsoft is not as “release” based as it used to be since February.

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