Windows 11’s App Store is its centerpiece, not the Start Menu | #microsoft | #hacking | #cybersecurity

I hadn’t been a Windows user for ages. But when I decided to give it another shot two weeks ago, I was optimistic most of its flaws that pushed me to macOS in the first place had been taken care of. Microsoft made great strides with Windows 10 and the OS looks in better shape than ever. That is, until I began to install a bunch of new software. 

Windows’ third-party installation process has always been a mess, to say the least. Some apps still make you download the actual software through a downloader program; some rely on clunky, outdated interfaces that can be difficult to navigate; and some are available through both the built-in app store and as a standalone file online, leaving it up to the owner to figure out which one’s suited for their needs — you get the idea. Plus, new users are forced to go website-hopping to track down the right installation file, which often is nothing short of walking through a malware minefield as there are potentially thousands of misleading aggregators available on the web.

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