WiFi-6E technology could be added to iPhone 13 | #ios | #apple | #iossecurity

DigiTimes has recently reported that the next gen iPhone will probably have the WiFi 6E protocol, which could mean better range and speed.

WiFi 6 was first introduced on the iPhone 11 and offered improved security and speeds then compared to the WiFi 5 protocol. With the iteration of 6E a 6GHz band is added, allowing for less interference and greater bandwidth for compatible devices.

DigiTimes also claimed that WiFi 6E will be added to this year’s iPhones and will become the standard for Android and iOS devices in 2022. It’s worthy to note that WiFi 6E was only unveiled in 2020.

The publication also stated that LiDAR technology will remain exclusive to the Pro Max and Pro models.

The iPhone 13 is expected to be launched this year and may have a smaller notch, improved cameras and advanced displays. Nothing has been announced yet but Apple typically does big reveals when fall season arrives.

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