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The main reason there is no director-preferred version of the film is that — unlike the situation with Zach Snyder, where “Justice League” was essentially reshot by Joss Whedon – “The Suicide Squad” was James Gunn’s vision from start to finish.

Producer Peter Safran believed that what made the film work “was simply about giving him [Gunn] the tools to do it, and part of it was just giving him the freedom. Cast whoever he wanted, shoot in whatever way that he wanted. The studio gave him complete carte blanche, and the movie you see is a result of that.” 

Gunn himself commented on “the enormous amount of freedom” he was given to make the film, and how this made him work that much harder on the project.

That mix of Gunn’s dedication and creative freedom seems to have made the shoot extremely satisfying for the cast. Joel Kinnaman said making the movie was “easy and fun” — unlike other big productions he’d worked on: “I do not think we did an hour of overtime and we did not do any re-shoots on this movie.” This, however, disappointed Michael Rooker, who joked, “That is where I make my money, in ADR.”

Audiences meanwhile will get to see the final work themselves, and what Gunn made with his unfettered vision, when “The Suicide Squad” opens on August 6.

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