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The wrong number text scam is now concerning experts as it can easily fool people. Since users tend to spend their time online, many cybercriminals take advantage of this scenario. 

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They will lure victims using fake discounts, spam calls, and other kinds of fraudulent tactics. However, the wrong number scam is a different one. 

Unlike other scam techniques, this method doesn’t need to rely on vulnerabilities or malicious links. Instead, hackers behind it will get the trust of their victims during their conversations. 

Why Can Wrong Number Text Scam Easily Fool You? 

According to NBC News’ latest report, the wrong number scam starts with a random text from unknown contact. The text will tell a normal scenario that is being shared with a friend, a lover or a family member. 

Why Wrong Number Text Scam Can Easily Fool You? FCC Issues Warning and Provides Its Best Advice

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Of course, people will tell the sender that their texts were sent to the wrong number. After that, the scammer will apologize and rely on the victim’s empathy to continue their conversation. 

Based on these details, the scam is just like meeting a random person who will later become your friend or acquaintance. 

Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Erin West, an official handling the wrong number scam cases, said that accidental text message scams are now becoming common. 

He even claimed that most of the malicious actors behind the fraudulent activities are into crypto-investment scams. He shared this detail since almost all the scam texts will lead victims to invest money in cryptocurrencies.  

FCC Issues Warning, Offers Best Advice 

FCC issues a major warning on Thursday, July 28. Via its official “Alert: Scam Robotexts are Rising Threat” document, the agency said that these scammers would use fear or anxiety to get their victims’ trust. 

“Texts may include false-but-believable claims about unpaid bills, package delivery snafus, bank account problems, or law enforcement actions against you,” said FCC. 

Since this scam method doesn’t rely on smartphone flaws, the Federal Communications Commission said that the best thing people can do is to avoid conversing with the wrong sent texts. 

Previously, experts confirmed that scam iPhone apps are still active on the official Apple App Store. 

On the other hand, fake crypto apps stole more than $42 million, according to the FBI. 

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