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What I’ll be doing with mine

I have four AirTags on the way, but, like many, I’ve been pondering what on earth to do with them.

As others have pointed out, most of your stuff these days is either trackable already or has been digitally pared-down. For instance, I rarely take my wallet out with me, thanks to Apple Pay, and — although this really is tempting fate — I’ve never lost my car keys.

I don’t have much ‘stuff’, really. The AirTags strapline on Apple’s website is “Lose your knack for losing things”.

The problem is, I don’t lose things, really.

This is the biggest challenge AirTags have. They’re not intended as anti-theft devices, therefore if you’re going to buy one in the hope that it’ll give you the ultimate peace of mind when leaving your bike chained to a lamppost, you’re missing the point somewhat.

Apple wants you to attach AirTags to stuff you’re likely to misplace. So, with that in mind, I’ve come up with the following four use cases.

  • My keys (that just seems like the default use case)
  • My wallet (ok, so I thought I’d lost this about 18 months ago after a drunken night out, only to find that it had endured several hundred cycles in the washing machine)
  • My backpack (I’ve never lost it, but I like the idea of being able to locate it quickly when I need to retrieve something)
  • My dog (he sometimes disappears in the house and I want to know where he goes)

Am I clutching at straws? Possibly. While the keys and wallet do indeed feel like default choices for AirTags, the other two are the only other things I could think of.

I’ve heard some people suggest that AirTags aren’t intended for pets, but I can’t see why it wouldn’t be a good idea to attach one to my dog’s collar. In the unlikely event that he does properly go missing, I’ll at least have a better chance of locating him.

Plus, imagine how cool your dog would look with an AirTag around his neck.

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