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With the Android app still unavailable, not a lot has actually changed since Truth Social launched on iPhone. However, there’s a workaround.

The Truth Social app is still not available to download on Android devices, although it is expected to arrive at some point in the near future. Truth Social is a much newer social media network compared to the likes of Facebook and Twitter, and it is one that promises to offer an open platform that doesn’t discriminate against users based on their political ideology.

In fact, this political ideology promise is exactly why Truth Social came to be in the first place. Following the wide banning of Donald Trump across multiple social media network sites in 2021, an alternative service that didn’t censor its users was advertised as in the works. In February of 2022, that alternative service manifested in the launch of Truth Social on iPhone. At the time, Android support was understood to be coming, but there’s was no clear indication of when.


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In terms of Android support, not a lot has actually changed since then, and it remains unknown when Truth Social will be available to download from the Google Play Store. Comments last month from the Truth Social CEO confirmed the app was still en route, explaining that it was waiting on approval from Google before it can be made available via the Play Store. How long that approval process takes typically depends on the app. In the meantime, the Truth Social website continues to list the Android app as “coming soon.”

A Temporary Workaround For Android Users

Truth Social mobile desktop

While those with an Android device continue to wait on the release of a dedicated Android app, there is now a workaround for accessing Truth Social. Basically, the web version of Truth Social launched last month allowing users to access the service through a web browser. Even though this web version is primarily designed for desktop users, there’s nothing stopping mobile users from utilizing it as well, including those with an Android phone. Simply head over to the Truth Social website, log in or sign up, and that’s it. Although this won’t be a full replacement for the Android app, the web browser version does appear to be optimized for mobile, so users can expect an experience that’s tailored to their devices.

With Elon Musk in the process of acquiring Twitter, there have been some suggestions that accusations of censorship on the platform might be addressed once the takeover is complete. Musk has previously stated that bans were not the ideal and only should be used in “extremely rare” instances. Regardless of any changes that might come to Twitter via Musk, Donald Trump has publicly suggested he wouldn’t return to the platform if his ban was overturned, opting to continue to focus on Truth Social instead.

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