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Online Service Experience Pack is another new method to update your Windows. Here’s everything you need to know.


Have you ever found yourself frustrated with some weird Microsoft feature or bug, only to realize that you’ll need to wait for the next big Windows update before it can get fixed? We have. And so have other Windows power users, who have installed the latest Windows 11 OS on their computers.

Thankfully, Microsoft has taken the user complaints seriously and has come up with a new solution, called Online Service Experience Packs. Microsoft released these brand new quality-of-like packs with its latest Windows 11 Insider update. Let’s take a quick dive into everything we know so far about this new feature.

Online Service Experience Packs: What They Are and Why They Matter

Microsoft announced the arrival of Online Service Experience Packs on Windows Blogs on October 27, 2021, alongside the release of Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22489.

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From what we’ve learned so far, Online Service Experience Packs is a feature that will help Microsoft update your Windows OS, based on your feedback. These regular updates are on top of the biannual Windows updates, which deal with major bugs and design changes.

The Online Service Experience Packs, in contrast, will focus on specific components of your Windows, such as the account settings page, instead of updating every major feature.

Here’s Microsoft in its own words:

Over time, we plan to improve the Your Microsoft account settings page based on your feedback from Feedback Hub via Online Service Experience Packs. These Online Service Experience Packs work in a similar way as the Windows Feature Experience Packs do, allowing us to make updates to Windows outside of major OS updates. The difference between the two is that the Windows Feature Experience Packs can deliver broad improvements across multiple areas of Windows, whereas the Online Service Experience Packs are focused on delivering improvements for a specific experience such as the new Your Microsoft account settings page. For example, under Windows Update this would appear as “Online Service Experience Pack – Windows.Settings.Account” with a version number. Right now, we’re testing this mechanism out with the new Your Microsoft account settings page first.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that the new Dev build (and the Online Service Experience Packs along with it) has been released to a select few Insider users so far. So, don’t worry if you can’t find the feature right now.

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Online Service Experience Packs: Yet Another Way to Update

Online Service Experience Packs are yet another workaround to release the crucial updates for the Windows users, outside the biannual major update cycle. The feature somewhat resembles the Update Stack Packages, which is yet another method for Windows updates available on the Windows 11 Dev channel.

Is there a pattern here? Probably. With the rapid acceleration of change in the tech and cybersecurity space, maybe, over time, Microsoft (and other vendors) might have to pivot towards more of such regular updates as a new default.

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