What to watch this week: It’s game on at Wimbledon, Paul McCartney plays Glastonbury, and Netflix’s take on Watergate’s Martha Mitchell | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack

Wimbledon, Monday, BBC2, 11am

Pick of the week

Once upon a time practically everyone used to tune in to watch Wimbledon. It was a summer ritual, and even people with no interest in tennis or sport would pick a favourite and ooh and aah as they won and lost. This year, though, the tournament emerges battered and bruised from the Covid years, and seemingly in a state of flux.

No Roger Federer this year, Rafael Nadal is also a doubt, Andy Murray is trying to recover from yet another injury, and British women’s star Emma Raducanu is also likely to lose a race against time. With Naomi Osaka having also withdrawn, and the current men’s number one Daniil Medvedev banned from playing, a list of not quite household names is likely to emerge in the men’s and women’s quarter finals. Some good news, though, emerged when Serena Williams, a champion for the ages, was granted a wild card entry: her progress through the tournament is likely to be an emotional journey.

Not everyone will be up for the reigning men’s champion, however. Novak Djokovic has now won Wimbledon six times, and is bearing down on Roger Federer’s record eight titles. But Novak’s departure from reality in terms of Covid has made him even harder to cheer for, and he may face a mixed reaction from the Pimms brigade.

Film of the week

Last Night in Soho
Monday, Sky Cinema Premiere, 10pm

Edgar Wright’s atmospheric chiller stars Thomasin McKenzie as Eloise, a Cornish teenager who comes to London to study fashion. She’s talented, but mentally fragile, haunted by the early death of her mother. And when she rents a room in a creaky old house, Eloise finds herself transported back to 1960s Soho, and into the life of a would-be singing star.

The late Diana Rigg plays her shady landlord, and she and Terence Stamp, who plays an ex-cop, add dramatic weight to the proceedings. Terence Stamp was the Swinging 60s, and when he stares into the lens with those ice-blue eyes of his, it feels like a stinging reproach from Londoners past. Anya Taylor-Joy co-stars.

Racing from the Curragh

RTÉ2, 1.55pm
Hugh Cahill presents all the afternoon’s action at the Dubai Duty Free Irish Derby Festival, with commentary from Richard Pugh, and analysis from Ruby Walsh, Jane Mangan and Fran Berry.


Morgan Freeman stars in London Has Fallen

Video of the Day

London Has Fallen

RTÉ2, 9.45pm
When world leaders gather in London for the funeral of Britain’s prime minister, they’re unaware that they’ve been led into a trap. Action thriller starring Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman.

Paul McCartney at Glastonbury
BBC1, 10.30pm
A week after celebrating his 80th birthday, Paul McCartney returns to Glastonbury to headline on the Pyramid Stage, performing some of his solo back catalogue and Beatles songs. Jo Whiley presents.

The Sunday Game Live

RTÉ2, 1.15pm
Analysts Pat Spillane, Colm Boyle and Oisín McConville join Joanne Cantwell at Croke Park for coverage of the All-Ireland Senior Football qualifier between Galway and Armagh, which throws in at 1.45pm.

God’s Own Country

Channel 4, 11.55pm
Francis Lee’s haunting drama stars Josh O’Connor as a young Yorkshire farmer who’s done his best to repress his homosexuality until he falls in love with a Romanian migrant worker. With Gemma Jones.

The Outlaws
BBC1, 9pm
John meets a crook and tries crack, and Frank reluctantly takes Margaret to visit his ex-wife, revealing to his daughter a hidden side. Christopher Walken stars.

Women’s World Cup Qualifier

RTÉ2, 4.30pm
Live coverage of the Women’s World Cup 2023 qualifier between Georgia and the Republic of Ireland, which gets underway at 5pm.


TG4, 9.30pm
Colin Farrell made his big breakthrough in Joel Schumacher’s drama, playing a rebellious US Army recruit who’s determined not to get sent to Vietnam. With Matthew Davis, Clifton Collins Jr.

Food Unwrapped
Channel 4, 8pm
In a breakfast-themed special, Briony May Williams looks for the perfect bacon butty, Matt Tebbutt finds out how Shreddies keep their crunch, and Amanda Byram investigates the shelf life of milk.

The Newsreader

RTÉ2, 9pm
In the season finale, Helen is still reeling in the wake of Dale’s revelation when news breaks of an accident at the Chernobyl nuclear plant. Anna Torv stars.


Film four, 6.50pm
Biopic starring Nicholas Hoult as a young JRR Tolkien, whose nightmarish experiences in the trenches would inform the creation of The Lord of the Rings. With Pam Ferris, Derek Jacobi, Lily Collins.

Citizen Ashe: Storyville
BBC4, 10pm
Arthur Ashe is remembered as one of the most enigmatic Wimbledon winners, but this documentary tells the story of his work as a civil rights activist in the US and beyond.

This is for Ukraine

Virgin Media One, 9pm
Documentary telling the stories of newly arrived Ukrainian immigrants, and following rock band Aslan as they bring together members of the Ukrainian community to record a charity single.

Fast & Furious 9

Sky Cinema Action, 8pm
Dom has retreated from the fray to live off the grid with Letty and his son when a new enemy appears in the shape of Dom’s estranged brother. With Vin Diesel, John Cena, Michelle Rodriguez.

The Bridge: Race to a Fortune
Channel 4, 10pm
As the competition reaches its climax, both teams are close to completing their bridges, and tensions build as they battle it out to win the jackpot.


BBC4, 7.20pm
A look at the turbulent life of Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman, who was ostracised from Hollywood after leaving her husband to marry Italian director Roberto Rossellini.


Sky Cinema Drama, 9.45pm
Drama based on a true story and starring Brad Pitt as Billy Beane, the Oakland A’s baseball manager who concocts a novel solution when he finds his star players being bought up by richer clubs. Brad Pitt stars.

The Undeclared War
Channel 4, 9pm
New thriller series starring Simon Pegg as the leader of a GCHQ team formed to combat a coordinated cyber attack on the UK in the run up to the 2024 general election. With Adrian Lester, Hannah Khalique-Brown.

Horizon Irish Open

RTÉ2, 1pm
Hugh Cahill presents live coverage of the second round of the Irish Open at Mount Juliet, with analysis from Gary Murphy, John McHenry.


TG4, 10.35pm
When a racketeering businessman starts bullying his neighbours off their lands, kindly cattle baron John Chisum is drawn into the bitter and bloody Lincoln County wars. Western, with John Wayne.

The Main Stage
RTÉ1, 9.30pm
Singer-songwriter Erica-Cody and Coronas’ frontman Danny O’Reilly host this new Friday night music show featuring live studio performances and interviews.

Sheena McGinley’s stream of the week


The Martha Mitchell Effect

The Martha Mitchell Effect, Netflix, streaming now
In light of the ongoing January 6 Hearings colliding with the 50th anniversary of Watergate, this timely pocket-sized documentary is a must-see. You don’t need to be a US politics nerd to enjoy the unbridled might of Martha Mitchell, the then-wife of Nixon’s attorney general. A pivotal political cog and savvy soothsayer that utilised the press to keep her safe from the Republican Party, she wasn’t afraid to charm the chatshow circuit while speaking the truth about “crooked politicians”. Unsurprisingly, a female being forthright, especially in the ‘70s, was frowned upon — particularly as she was on the money about Nixon being “negligent” as president. Cue the expected onslaught of gaslighting, complete with rumours of alcoholism and bouts of hysteria. This piece of perfection is screaming to be made into a movie starring Amy Poehler.

Also streaming…

Money Heist: Korea
Netflix, streaming now
It might have the ‘Money Heist’ moniker but this new offering is entirely different from its predecessor. For example, this is set in a “unified Korea” instead of Madrid. The premise? Well, that’s kind of the same… Thieves overtake the mint after the reunification of Korea only serves to make the rich richer. With hostages trapped inside, the police must stop the ‘Anonymous’ masked thieves — as well as the shadowy mastermind behind it all. Sure isn’t there always one of them! 

My Fake Boyfriend
Amazon Prime, streaming now
Andrew (Keiynan Lonsdale) has a familiar issue. He’s addicted to his toxic boyfriend who just dumped him for the umpteenth time. His meddling friends (Dylan Sprouse and Sarah Hyland) decide to help him by creating “Cristiano”, a perfect pretendy boyfriend on social media. As Cristiano goes viral and becomes a worldwide sensation, Andrew meets his real-life dream guy, Rafi, a charming restaurant owner. Now, Andrew must find a way to put an end to the fake fling, evade his jealous ex, and try to deprogramme said meddling mates, all while keeping Rafi interested. Japes ensue.


Pete Davidson Presents…
Netflix, streaming now
Settle down; he’s only presenting The Best Friends. Still, at least you’ll get a taste of what Kim Kardashian sees in him — that being his sparkling sense of humour. Curated and hosted by Davidson, this comic special features Giulio Gallarotti, Neko White, Carly Aquilino, Joey Gay, Derek Gaines, Jordan Rock, and Dave Sirus.

Man Vs Bee
Netflix, streaming now
What the world needs right now is an entire series featuring professional ‘housesitter’ Rowan Atkinson chasing a bee around a fancy gaff. Yes, he demolishes it in the process. This isn’t just Mr Bean, it’s Mr Bean with an actual family and the ability to converse. Listen, any other time in history we’d collectively scoff at this, but after the last 2.5 years, this is the type of family-friendly nonsense I’m here for.

Have You Seen This Man?
Disney+, streaming now
One day in November 1998, computer salesman John Ruffo is supposed to report to prison to begin a 17-year sentence for a $350m bank fraud, but, instead, he rents a car, takes out $600, heads to JFK airport, and vanishes. Incidentally, he’s still missing. He looks a bit like George Costanza, if that helps.

Netflix, streaming now
Indeed, everyone does seem to have a Netflix comedy special dropping this month (see Amy Schumer’s Parental Advisory). Adding to the throng is Joel Kim Booster, discussing the nuances of being an Asian American, his preference for threesomes, tips for optimum self-manipulation, and his fascination with, yes, sexuality.

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