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There are many ways to be a parent, and no method is right or wrong. Every family and circumstance, is different and this calls for different styles. Motherhood also calls for changes in parenting as life and the world changes. Mom has to adjust and figure everything out as she goes alone.

One of the most common parenting styles right now is “soft parenting,” or ‘gentle parenting’ as it is also known. We will go through the basics on this parenting style in just a moment, but it has raised some concerns for a lot of people out there. There are those who think that this form of parenting raises entitled and “bratty” children.

While many may scoff at this, there may also be moms who are reviewing how they raise their children and who may be noticing that their child is turning out a little this way, and she may wonder what she can do to make sure it stops before it gets any worse.

We have some tips for mom to think about.

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What Is Soft Parenting?

Let’s take a look at safe parenting to find out what it is all about, and why it can be a problem. According to Guidepost Montessori, soft parenting is an approach that focuses on a partnership between a parent and their child. It allows the child to make their own choices based on what they want to do instead of “external pressures.”

This does not mean that there are no boundaries, but if boundaries are leaning a little on the light side, you could end up with a child that others call a “brat.”

How Do I Know It’s Not Working?

It can be hard to tell sometimes what needs changing when mom notices that her children are acting out, or behaving differently.

According to Janet Lansbury, if a child starts becoming more aggressive, destructive, defiant and deliberate, this could be a sign that the parenting style is not working. This doesn’t mean that mom has to ditch soft parenting, especially if she really believes that it is best, she just may need to make some modifications.

No parent is married to a parenting style, and it is OK to re-evaluate and even add elements of other styles into it.

What Mom Can Do

There are a couple of things that mom can do to hit the restart button on soft parenting. To bring her child back to a place of respect and healthy behavior.

According to Happiest Baby, it is important that there is still that mutual respect. All behavior is communication, so there are reasons why your child is acting out, and it is your job to find out what those reasons are. Talk to your child, and really listen to them and what they are saying. The hardest part is going to be assigning boundaries.

These may be new boundaries, or old boundaries that are being taken more seriously, and this is likely going to be the hardest part. Think about the behaviors you want to see change, and that is where you start. The most important thing is that you are consistent and that the boundaries are being enforced daily.

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