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Zimperium, a leading mobile security provider for government and enterprises, is now providing protection to the public. Here’s what they offer.

As state-sponsored cybercriminals increase their interest in targeting individual personal communication devices (like phones, laptops, and tablets), simple commercial antiviruses and firewalls can no longer properly defend their users. Mobile phones are the target of preference because they know phones and tablets can now store vast amounts of sensitive data there.

Who Could Benefit of This Partnership?

Civilian employees at the highest levels of government and even private individuals with some knowledge of infrastructure or research (or even those in the public eye) are the favorite targets of these state-sponsored cybercriminals.

Companies like Zimperium have dealt with these types of threats for mobile security platforms for government and enterprise environments. To start offering their products to a broader range of the private sector, Zimperium announced a partnership with Carahsoft Technology Corp last month. This will make Zimperium’s products available to the public sector through Carahsoft’s reseller partners.

The partnership with Carahsoft will expand Zimperium’s sale opportunities to the public sector, which until now could not rely on most high-end security products that Zimperium serviced. This will allow individuals and smaller companies to implement mobile application security solutions and strengthen their defense against growing state-sponsored and increasingly capable cyber threats.


Even though some companies, like Apple, already offered some type of basic warning against state-sponsored attacks, Zimperium brings high-end security solutions tailored to these threats.

The Best Protection Zimperium Delivers

Zimperium’s products have traditionally mainly consisted of advanced mobile threat defense solutions. Its primary product is zIPS solutions: this security solution is reportedly one of the only mobile security platforms that can provide government agencies with on-device, machine learning-powered mobile threat defense.

They also have zIPS mobile security. This app protects iOS, Android, and Chromebook devices used by government officials against evolving, state-sponsored and non-state-sponsored mobile attacks.

Zimperium also offers MAPS (Mobile App Protection Suite). MAPS is designed to aid companies in building security compliant mobile applications for different OS while providing comprehensive in-app protection and centralized threat visibility.

So What Does This Mean for You?

Zimperium now is offering many of these high-end security products through their new reseller partner to a broader range of the public, rather than selling almost exclusively to government agencies and major private enterprises.

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