What is the Heineken beer scam? Warnings issued over fake WhatsApp Father’s Day text | #phishing | #scams

WhatsApp users have been warned of yet another scam circulating in the UK.

This one is targeting people who may want to treat their dad for Father’s Day.

But what has it said? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is the scam?

People with Whatsapp are receiving messages offering them a prize that they could give their dad.

It claims that the competition hosts are giving away 5,000 crates of beer for free.

Called the  “Heineken Beer Father’s Day Contest 2022” it promises to gift winners “5,000 coolers full of Heineken for your Dad”.

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The message is coming through to people’s phones, along with a photo of an 18-pack of Heineken beer.

There is also a link to the company’s website, which may make some people believe it is genuine.

However, it could leave them at risk of phishing scams, spam and malicious websites that could steel personal data.

Heineken said the “contest” is indeed a scam, and responded to a Whatsapp user on Twitter, saying: “This is a scam. Thank you for highlighting it to us. Please don’t click on links or forward any messages. Many thanks.”

Website Online Threat Alerts said: “The Heineken Whatsapp or Heineken Cooler Competition scam below, which claims to be giving away free Heinekens, is circulating on social media like wildfire. Therefore, recipients of the scam are asked not to follow the instructions in it.

“The scam tricks potential victims into visiting phishing, spam, and malicious websites that steal personal information, and account credentials. The scam may also trick potential victims into signing up for unwanted services.”

What do I do if I get a text?

The most important thing to remember is not to click on any links .

Then report the message to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 2040 or using their online reporting form.

WhatsApp launched a campaign in November that intends to raise awareness about scams.

The campaign urges people to:

Stop: Take time to respond, wait five minutes, and make ensure your WhatsApp two-step verification is activated to protect your account, and that your pin is secure.

Think: Ask questions. Does the request makes sense and what they are asking for? Scammers prey on your kindness and willingness to help other people.

Call: Is it actually your friend or family member? You can check by ringing them, or even ask them to share a voice note. Make sure it is really them.

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