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There is no question about it — security breaches are happening at alarming rates. 

The most common method of attack? Ransomware, followed by unauthorized network access and access as a result of unsecured servers and databases. 

As reported by Black Kite’s 2022 Third Party Breach Report, third-party breaches leaked an estimated 1.5 billion users’ personally identifiable information (PII) last year. In addition, more than 50% of the exploited vulnerabilities were more than a year old. 

The data points to a couple of unfortunate facts IT administrators know too well: a) traditional segmentation methods no longer mitigate hacker threats effectively and b) falling back on making crucial updates, patches, and policies isn’t worth the risk. 

Organizations of all types and sizes must implement microsegmentation best practices as part of Zero Trust security models to remain protected. Today’s data center, cloud, and hybrid environments require more versatile safeguarding to withstand attempted breaches than in years past.

In this article, you’ll learn what microsegmentation is all about, its benefits, and how to implement the framework in your IT environment. Let’s begin by clearly defining our subject.


What Is Microsegmentation?


Microsegmentation is a security practice that involves dividing a data center or cloud environment into smaller segments; the goal is to increase network security by creating permission checks within the network itself. 

Also referred to as “east-west segmentation,” or “application segmentation,” the practice evolved from network segmentation to meet needs stemming from modern public cloud environments. 

While microsegmentation differs from network segmentation, both are equally important when creating a formidable network security strategy. Network segmentation applies ideally to north-south traffic, or network traffic flowing into and out of a data center or cloud environment. 

Microsegmentation, on the other hand, adds extra protection to east-west traffic, or network traffic between devices or applications within the network. 

But that’s not all there is to know if you really want to distinguish between the two IT practices. Below is a more detailed comparison between microsegmentation and network segmentation.


Network Segmentation vs. Microsegmentation

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