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Despite the fast-paced progress of technology today, the internet remains a disturbingly dangerous place. All the time, we hear about websites becoming unavailable due to denial of service (DoS) attacks or displaying damaging information on their pages. Data breaches are becoming more and more common, and some of the recent ones have been the largest in history, threatening to break a new record every year. With millions of passwords, e-mail addresses, and credit card details leaked into the public sphere, site users are left without the right to privacy and put at serious financial risk.

However, in this constant battle for cybersecurity humanity is still far from being helpless. While the internet will always be a breeding ground for malicious attacks and cyber threats, you can stay on the safe side by keeping your software and systems up-to-date, backing up your data, installing a firewall, controlling access to your systems, and blocking access to potentially dangerous sites.

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