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Are you finished with Mother/Android and eager to discuss the film’s ending? We’re breaking down the conclusion and more.

Spoilers ahead for Mother/Android. Do not read if you don’t want to know what happens in the end!

A recent Hulu release, Mother/Android is a post-apocalyptic science fiction film set during an android uprising. The story focuses on a young adult couple, a very pregnant Georgia (Chloë Grace Moretz) and her partner Sam (Algee Smith). Believing that Boston is one of the last strongholds, the pair must navigate through enemy territory to reach the city and board a boat to a safe zone in Korea.

Whether you’re confused about some of the ending details or curious to know what happens before you watch, we’ve got the rundown on the Mother/Android ending and details regarding what happens to each of the main characters.

Mother/Android — (Courtesy of Hulu)

Mother/Android ending explained: Who is Arthur? What happens to him?

Androids attack and force Sam and Georgia to separate while crossing No Man’s Land. Georgia survives due to the assistance of a seemingly kind man named Arthur (Raúl Castillo). A supposed former Raster Robotics employee, Arthur helps Georgia rescue Sam by lending her special armor that camouflages the wearer from artificial intelligence.

With Arthur’s help, Georgia retrieves Sam from an android stronghold where he was being held prisoner and makes it to a Boston hospital in time to deliver her baby via C-section. She has a healthy baby boy. For a moment, it looks like the couple might get a happy ending with their newborn baby, Forest.

But then it is revealed that Arthur is actually an android who concocted an entire scheme to lure Georgia into a false sense of security so he could manipulate her to get inside Boston and disable the EMP there.  Once Georgia realizes what happened, she tries to beat Arthur to the device, running into him on the way and shooting him dead (we think, but who knows?). She barely manages to release an EMP pulse to kill the ensuing swarm of androids before getting killed herself.

I didn’t love this twist. Not only was it predictable, but I think the android motivations are weak. If they were going to be mindless killing machines, they might as well have been zombies. Arthur spends time establishing how intelligent androids are, so what is their end goal? To destroy the world? For what reason? And if they’re so smart, surely there are more intelligent ways to accomplish their goals. Arthur could have just walked down to the EMP and destroyed it without a problem since he was already within the borders.


Mother/Android — Sam (Algee Smith), shown. (Photo by: Seacia Pavao/Hulu)

Mother/Android ending explained: Do Georgia and Sam survive?

While a prisoner in an android stronghold, Sam is tortured with the androids shattering both of his legs. When the couple is finally escorted to the hospital, Sam’s legs are too severely damaged for the hospital staff to salvage his limbs, forcing them to amputate instead.

After saving the day (sort of), Georgia, Sam and their newborn son make it to the docks where the last boat is about to leave for Korea. Sadly the Family Initiative is no longer taking anyone except the babies, forcing mother and father to separate from Forest in the hopes he’ll find a good life elsewhere with another family.

It’s a very emotional goodbye, made even worse by Sam realizing that he will not survive. Georgia loses not only her baby but also her partner. The movie skips ahead an indeterminate amount of time after they put Forest on the boat, so we don’t know when Sam dies or how. He claims to be bleeding out, so I’m assuming it’s that, or he later succumbs to infection.

If you want to make the ending less sad, it’s also possible that Georgia and Sam parted ways. Georgia mentions that she once considered breaking up with Sam earlier in the film. Without the baby, maybe they realized they didn’t want to be together anymore. Perhaps he’s still alive out there somewhere, but I doubt it.


Mother/Android — Georgia (Chloë Grace Moretz), shown. (Photo by: Seacia Pavao/Hulu)

Mother/Android ending explained: What does the future hold for Georgia?

The final scenes of Mother/Android show Georgia burning the last relics of her past, keeping only the family photo taken at the hospital just after Forest’s birth. I’m assuming keeping mementos would be too painful for her now that she’s lost the two most important people in her life.

With nowhere left to go, Georgia joins up with a convoy headed out of Boston to start fresh somewhere new. It’s hard to guess what will happen to Georgia in the future. I got the sense she might enlist in the army now, or at least remain at one of the bases. Perhaps she’ll try to find Forest in Korea someday.

Mother/Android is now streaming exclusively on Hulu.

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