What happened to personal responsibility? Jan. 6 highlights gulf | #socialmedia

Let’s start this new year with a big one: the anniversary of the Jan. 6 insurrection/riot/incident/early Easter egg hunt gone wrong. Pick a term that doesn’t trigger you. Seriously, many Trump supporters (i.e. those who call liberals snowflakes for taking offense at words) are taking offense at the word “insurrection” instead of focusing on what actually happened. Maybe that’s the point for them. 

Watching it unfold live, I was horrified and furious but not surprised. I’d seen the seeds of where we are now in the party I used to love long before Trump. There’s so much to go into and not enough space, so I’ll focus on a small part here. 

A major principle of the Right has always been personal responsibility, but the erosion of that has been glaringly obvious since Jan. 6. It was bad enough that the GOP’s been a better opposition party than one of leadership, but it’s gone far beyond that. We’ve become the party of “poor me” as we’ve bought into the narrative that, anytime a Republican faces any negativity, that it’s censorship or cancel culture or political malice. While that does happen sometimes, Republicans also behave poorly or even illegally. We used to hold our own accountable, but not anymore. Conservatives like myself have been called traitors and much worse for refusing to support bad Republican politicians and not defending or deflecting bad behavior like Jan. 6. 

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