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The future of the rules used to regulate big tech companies depends on the balance. Online video game maker Epic Games FortniteIs currently confronting Apple in US federal court, not only deciding how the mobile app will work, How tech companies can generally act..

Everything started in 2020, with Epic Games launching an iOS app update that bypasses Apple’s payment system, allowing direct payments in violation of Apple’s Terms of Service. Apple typically receives a 30% commission for every purchase on over 1 billion iPhones worldwide. The update meant it would be missed.

Apple immediately banned Epic Games from the App Store. Epic countered with the #FreeFortnite campaign, which mocked iconic Apple ads from the 1980s. Apple Exclusive Using the App Store is a disadvantage for small app developers, especially when compared to Apple’s own apps, which can avoid charges.


This may sound like the classic case of David vs. Goliath, but it challenges the power of the dominant tech companies, but it’s much more complicated.

Epic Games isn’t a small developer, but a $ 29 billion company. Apple is a $ 1 trillion tech company, Privacy champion And we strongly oppose some of the most controversial practices in the industry.

The US federal court needs to answer two important questions. Does Apple monopolize the App Store? Also, do I need to allow a 30% reduction in revenue for each purchase on the App Store?

“These proceedings are difficult to win because they rely on the court’s definition of what the digital market is,” he said. Aniluda Ekanbaranasan, Researcher at Oxford University. Epic Games claims that the App Store itself is Apple’s completely monopolized market. Apple Fortnite It can be played on all types of platforms, including Android and Apple phones, as well as devices such as: Playstation..

Unlike Android, the iOS operating system only allows you to install apps directly from the App Store. This has its strengths and weaknesses. One of the benefits of this centralized management is that Apple has a much stricter view of privacy and security compared to Android. It also means that Apple can more easily impose its terms and conditions.This got angry recently FacebookWhen Apple introduced “App Tracking Transparency,” it’s a feature that allows users to easily opt out of detailed app tracking, an option that almost every user has chosen.

But Apple is also a powerful gatekeeper, Accused of privacy hypocrisy.. The company can determine the types of apps users can install on their mobile phones, reducing consumer choice. Apple also doesn’t always enforce its own rules consistently. If Apple really opposes privacy-invading practices, it often violates the company’s Terms of Service. Much more aggressive action during app reviews.. Last week, the European Commission took advantage of its dominant market position in response to a complaint filed by audio streaming service Spotify, saying it “distorted competition in the music streaming market” in a preliminary view on Apple. Was announced.

Whatever the outcome of a US lawsuit decided by a judge, it can have long-term implications for corporate strength. If Epic Games wins, Apple will have to make a big concession on how to run the platform. If Epic Games loses, this will help those who argue that reform is needed because current antitrust legislation is not suitable for curbing control of large tech companies.

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