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Several websites have been disrupted by a cyberattack on Israeli web hosting firm Cyberserve, with attackers stealing sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) about its customers, some of whom are not aligned with the views of the conservative country.

The BlackShadow hacking group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

In the days leading up to the assault, the National Cyber Directorate had warned CyberServe on several occasions, according to The Times of Israel.

BlackShadow is also apparently demanding money from hosting providers’ clients in addition to CyberServe.

Assailing clients

BlackShadow is an Iranian-sponsored cyber warfare group that has a track record of attacking Israeli targets and has been linked to the Pay2Key ransomware strain, according to BleepingComputer.

Despite the fact that Black Shadow is demanding $1 million in cryptocurrency from Cyberserve, the attackers behind the threat aren’t considered to be financially motivated.

BlackShadow, a state-sponsored group that operates from Iran, launched the attack as retaliation against Israel and to disrupt Israeli interests, according to Omri Segev Moyal, co-founder, and CEO of Israeli cybersecurity firm Profero.

In line with typical ransomware practices, BlackShadow promptly leaked a sample of a thousand records as proof that it had extracted client data from the hosting provider.

Leaks of private information are often followed by additional victimization, such as identity fraud.

Given that the leaked data includes PII from a prominent Israeli LGBT site called Atraf, which may have significant consequences for those exposed in a conservative society, this problem might be much more serious.


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