Wasabi’s IT Hero Nate Returns to Warn About the Dangers of Ransomware | #malware | #ransomware

The cornerstone of the campaign is Nate’s latest music video, the “Ballad of Ransomware,” in which he educates the public about common ransomware pitfalls like “clicking on something stupid,” not updating passwords, falling for African prince email scams, or anything online that “seems too good to be true.” Nate’s signature style is used to break through the monotony of typical cybersecurity training that still has not helped slow down the number of ransomware attacks faced today. According to The Long Road Ahead to Ransomware Preparedness, a new Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) survey of IT and cybersecurity professionals, 79% of respondent organizations reported having experienced a ransomware attack within the last year.

“Cybercriminals extort millions of dollars every year through ransomware with no signs of slowing down. Any person with a computer is at risk for an attack, and that leaves businesses vulnerable every day. We need to find a more relevant way to communicate the danger of cybercriminals with employees at all types of organizations,” said Julie Barry, Vice President of Global Brand and Communications, Wasabi Technologies. “Through Nate’s voice and his fresh approach, we want IT teams to know that Wasabi has their backs. We don’t just offer immutable cloud storage, but also educational resources that support their teams in the mission to combat ransomware in their organizations.”

“Data is without a doubt a company’s most valuable asset, and protecting that data from ransomware is a top priority for me and my team,” said Kyle Burnette, Director of IT Infrastructure & Security, BrightStar Care. “What I love so much about Wasabi’s #ThinkBeforeYouClick campaign is that it calls out the everyday cyber tricks in a funny, relatable way that holds people’s attention and reminds them to think twice about their online interactions.”

It’s clear that ransomware is not a matter of if, but when. Protect yourself with proven security best practices, including regular ransomware awareness training and a robust backup and recovery strategy with immutable cloud storage. For more resources, visit wasabi.com/thinkbeforeyouclick and wasabi.com/ransomware.

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