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Hackers promote dangerous apps on Facebook.
Millions of people have now downloaded these apps.
Hackers have access to your personal data as soon as you download the apps.

New Delhi. Information has been revealed about many apps appearing on Facebook that these apps inject viruses into Android users’ phones and hackers promote them through Facebook marketing. The matter of concern is that millions of people have downloaded these apps so far. According to cyber experts, they found 12 such apps, which were downloaded by more than 7 million people.

McAfee cyber experts have claimed that as soon as users download these apps, the personal details present in their phones reach the hackers. He said that there are dozens of such apps on Facebook social media platform and they are also promoted. Security experts have warned users that due to these apps, the personal data of millions of users may be in the hands of hackers.

what are these apps
McAfee discovered 12 such applications in which such adware, spyware and malware were found. Most of them are cleaner apps, which users install to clean the rust files from the device, to improve the performance of the device. These apps include Jan Cleaner, Easycleaner, Power Doctor, Super Clean, Full Clean – Clean Cache, Fingertip Cleaner, Quick Cleaner, Keep Clean, Windy Clean, Carpet Clean, Cool Clean Strong Clean and Meteor Clean.

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Apps are also listed on Play Store
According to the report of cyber experts, apps promoted on Facebook contain not only adware but also spyware (spyware) and malware (virus). To deceive users, cyber criminals promote such apps by changing their name and icon. The surprising thing is that these dangerous apps are also listed on the Google Play Store with a new name.

Millions of people have downloaded
Millions of people have downloaded these apps so far. These applications were the most downloaded in South Korea, Japan and Brazil. However, the relief news is that Google is removing fake apps from the Play Store. In such a situation, Google may also remove such apps from the Play Store.

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