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The iPhone is a device that many aspire to own. It is the most popular smartphone worldwide and there are many who are simply attracted to its ease of use, quality, performance and reliability.

Apple is known for their attention to detail when it comes to design and they have upped the ante with their own custom high-performance chips. iPhone’s cameras are one of the best in the business with advanced AI capabilities to ensure everyone, from beginners to pros, can capture the moment in excellent detail with true-to-life colours.

If you’re still considering which smartphone to buy, here are 4 compelling reasons why the iPhone, with Maxis Zerolution, should be at the top of your list.

iPhone offers the best hardware and software support

iPhone users can expect longer hardware longevity and software support with regular updates. The biggest testament is the iPhone 6s from 2015 which can still be updated to the latest iOS 15. Unlike typical smartphones which tend to slow down after a year, iPhone with its optimised hardware and software is still able to sustain a smooth and fast experience in the long run. Apple’s latest 5nm A15 Bionic chip on iPhone 13 Pro boasts a single-core score of 1,674 and multi-score score of 4,590 on Geekbench, which outperforms other smartphones by a significant margin.

While it is common for consumers to buy a new device on a telco contract, Maxis Zerolution makes it much easier to own through monthly instalments while offering potential savings too. 

Typically, phone contracts are tied to a 24-month duration and the monthly device instalment would cost around RM200 per month. Maxis is the first to offer the iPhone with a 36-month option and you can pick up a brand new iPhone 13 Pro from as low as RM105/month.

In fact, you will be paying less for the iPhone if you opt for a longer 36-month. The total device cost for a 128GB iPhone 13 Pro on a 36-month Zerolution plan is RM3,780 (RM105 x 36) while on a 24-month option, it costs RM3,984 (RM166 x 24). That’s additional savings of RM204 when you go from 24 to 36 months. 

If you are currently contracted, you can choose to get a device for you or your loved ones through Maxis Postpaid Share 48 plan as well. 

Apple has the most advanced ecosystems

Apple is known for its seamless hardware & apps ecosystem that works well together making it easy to move between the iPhone, iPad, MacOS and Apple TV. This is primarily because Apple designs and develops both hardware and software that goes into their products making the integration and experience very smooth.

Besides iPhone, Apple also leads in the tablet and smartwatch segment with the iPad and Apple Watch. The latest Apple Watch Series 7 now offers a 20% larger Retina Display compared to its predecessor and it uses a crack-resistant front crystal for its stainless steel model. It also offers best-in-class health and fitness features including a heart rate sensor that also does ECG and Blood Oxygen monitoring.

On Maxis Zerolution, you can own the 45mm Apple Watch Series 7 for as low as RM65/month on a 36-month Maxis Zerolution plan. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, the Apple Watch SE 40mm is going for RM40/month on Maxis Zerolution with a 36-month duration. 

Both Apple Watch models offered on Maxis Zerolution come with 4G LTE connectivity for RM18/month which allows you to stay connected without carrying your iPhone with you. This is great especially when you’re going out on a run, and you can make calls, check messages and stream Apple Music to your AirPods directly from your wrist.

Whether it is for work, play, entertainment or learning, iPad is still the most versatile large screen device which can be your home PC replacement. The latest iPad lineup supports the Apple Pencil and you can connect a keyboard for a “desktop experience”. On top of that, iPadOS now provides better multitasking capabilities including Split View and Slide Over. Similar to a Mac, iPadOS also has a dock which allows you to access your favourite apps at any time. 

On Maxis Zerolution, you can own the latest 9th gen iPad 10.2” for RM58/month or the all-new 6th gen iPad mini 8.3” for RM81/month on a 36-month contract.

With Maxis, it is possible to get iPhone 13 Pro with the Apple Watch Series 7 or iPad for less than RM200/month. If you were to purchase a 256GB iPhone 13 Pro Max and the 45mm cellular Apple Watch Series 7 outright on Maxis Zerolution, both devices can be yours for only RM198/month on a 36-month contract excluding mobile plan. 

Alternatively, you could get a 128GB iPhone 13 Pro and the 6th gen iPad mini 64GB cellular for RM191/month on a 36-month contract. Not only is it easier to own but you also get to save about RM1,000 on the device cost alone. 

Security and Privacy

iPhone is designed to protect your data and your privacy. iOS 15’s built-in security features help prevent anyone but you from accessing the data on your iPhone as well as iCloud. The built-in privacy features gives you control on how much of your information is available to anyone but you, and you can adjust what information is shared and where you share it.

For even greater peace of mind and to protect yourself from cyber threats, Maxis is also offering 2-in-1 internet security solutions worth RM120 for only RM15 for the first year.  The Kaspersky Safe Kids allows your children to surf the internet safely while managing their permitted screen time. On top of that, you also get Kaspersky VPN Secure Connections that helps to protect your chats, video calls and bank transactions especially when you’re using unsecured public WiFi. 

iPhone has high resale value

Due to its longevity, the iPhone has great residual value. It holds its value better than other smartphones in the market which is something not many realise until they swap their phones. If you’re planning to make the switch to the iPhone 13, your old iPhone could be worth as much as RM3,550 under Maxis’ trade-in programme. 

When you’re getting a new phone on contract, it is important that you choose a telco that provides a reliable and stable mobile experience. Maxis has been maintaining its position as the top mobile telco in the country with the highest mobile data throughput and lowest average latency as recorded by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) in their Network Performance Report 2020. 

iPhone 13 is the latest and greatest smartphone at the moment and it offers the best integrated experience while putting security and privacy first. While it costs more than your average smartphone, Maxis Zerolution has made the iPhone and other ecosystem products more accessible with easy monthly instalments up to 36 months. On top of that, you also get to save on device cost, and enjoy additional value with subscriptions such as Maxis Internet Security and more, which is a smarter way to own the latest Apple products in the long run while staying connected to a reliable mobile network. 

To find out more about Apple products with Maxis Zerolution, visit the official website.

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