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Why wait for Microsoft to get the job done? Here are some apps that let you enjoy File Explorer with tabs on Windows 11.

If there’s one feature that Windows users request a lot, it’s for Microsoft to add tabs to Windows File Explorer. This is understandable, considering tabs make multitasking easier when working with files and documents in Windows 11.

Luckily, you don’t have to wait until Microsoft adds this feature to their file browser, as there are free file explorer apps with tabs that you can use today. Here are three of them.


The Files app is the closest you can get to Windows File Explorer, as it’s very intuitive and easy to use. Once you install it from the Microsoft Store, you can create tabs by clicking the plus sign on the title bar—just like you would in a web browser like Google Chrome.

Other notable features of Files include file previews, custom themes, dual pane layouts, cloud drive support and protection, and file tags.

Download: Files App

Explorer++ is a lightweight and portable file browser, meaning you don’t even have to install it. Once you download and extract the ZIP file, double-click on the EXE file to open the app and start enjoying a new, tabbed experience.

Creating tabs in Explorer++ isn’t as intuitive as Files since there’s no plus sign anywhere to make it obvious. But you can easily do it by pressing Ctrl + T or right-clicking on any tab and selecting New Tab.

Download: Explorer++

If you want to do all your tabbed browsing without using a Windows File Explorer alternative, you can add tabs to it with QTTabBar. Once you install the extension, you’ll see that tabs have shown up below the address bar. You can create new tabs by clicking on the plus sign next to the last tab you added.

Download: QTTabBar ver 2048

Enjoy File Explorer Apps With Tabs in Windows 11

Having tabs in Windows Explorer File explorer can make you more efficient when working with your files and folders. But since Microsoft’s default file browser lacks this feature, you’ll have to get it elsewhere or add it. To that end, you can look into Files, Explorer++, and QTTabBar.

While there are many more File Explorer apps you can look into, we have selected these for people looking for something completely free.

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