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firstly please dont tell me it isnt happening. I havent come here to determine wether i am crazy or not or wether this is happening. I am after shared stories and advice on how to get out of this disaster.
I am in a job with access to confidential jnformation. Since Last year I have been havked across all decices in home network – including windows but starting with my mac book. There are a number of people who could have done this and police are looking into that aspect – alot has happened from ransom folders – to new software installed in my car – in chinese and changing direction as i am driving – to sweet dream messages on phone exactly as i hop into bed – random photos on my drive – they edit photos of evidence i take – like logs etx. Thousands of dolllars out of accounts. Locked out of accounts – files deleted. On and on and on it goes – phone turns on and takes photos – someone looked at it who used to be a hacker and said i was logging into a virtual windows computer – that this was paid professionals and a targeted attack – on my iphone when i try and erase and activate it says cant use provda.vm.vodafone – insecure certificate and forces me to use wifi. I have been told that is a virtual machine link as well.
Police have said i need to work out whats happening with computers and they are following up money and software knstallation on car etc- i have escelated this to get the Federal police cybersecurity involved and am waiting for response.
the problem is i cant get out of it – i bought so many new devices – got rid of everything at once – i got a new provider for new network and new router and did not use any old accounts – and still as soon as network comnection is made all these virtual hyper file comnections – windows servecr in activity monitor using massive cpu – and its infected and controlled straight away – i know they use bluetooth as a way of finding other devices as they mine on all the time and i have found myself connected to a network that was a bluetooth area network with rediced security disguised as mine – i cant access normal settings on iphone – so all files or trace of them is hidden – theyvhave me enrolled in a remote device managment as configurator and other stuff comes up over and over in privacy and logs amd i didnt even know what it was.I also have xcode on my phone and some beta developer thing downloaded – i have glimpsed it hidden in back files of other apps but cant delete it-
apple are hopeless – they say delete it – but it makes no difference – they have partitioned my hard drive and u can see the virtual disvks and external devices /
in safari they have complete control – i looked uo cybersecurity number and rang it and keot getting this rental people – i notices a quick flash on safari screen so i screenreckreded slowed down and they are literally changing the number on safari – i ring norton – theyvask for all this oersonal knfo – i get suspicious and ask questikns- they hang up – nectcday om work phone – norton says no not them –

it started with icloud – infected – carried over – opened door and now hell on earth – i have research article die that i cant do – i cant even order uber eats – taxis have their pick uo location changed so I was left waiting for hours in dark alone – no one seems to inderstand the seriosness of thr violent stalking intrusion and the atttavk on my life.
foremsic computer guys want money indont have

what in the heck should i do – i cant find anyone with the right skill set to help me-
when i tried looking up norton in to join up on new computer – in adress bar it said but inwent ul clicked and cooied and then pasted in notes and this was the address – there are trojans in devices as well – domains that match trojans

also i think its in my Tv

oh i also ended up with confidential information from work – ( a huge organisation) in my icloud – about critical events – and have other peoples university notes amd work in my microsoft account as its an old uninaddress – from a phd on dietetics to economic lecture notes

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