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Residents of a village in Sweden have come together to try and change its name after getting tired of being censored on social media. 

Though everyone should be entitled to free speech, there are some words out there that some people are more offended by than others.

Swear words are usually the main culprits, though some people also turn their noses up at the mention of certain body parts, so in a bid to help users avoid any potentially unfavourable language, some social media pages can hide certain posts from viewers.

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For people from the village of Fucke in Sweden, this causes some problems. I’m sure you don’t need any help in figuring out exactly why this word might be considered rude, but in reality Fucke is really very innocent.

No matter how true this is, however, homeowners from the village have reportedly found themselves being censored when trying to write about the village on Facebook, or when listing things for sale online.

Of course, this kind of censorship wouldn’t have been a problem when the town was established, with the earliest records of the village of Fucke coming from 1547, according to the Institute for Language and Folklore. Nowadays, though, I can imagine the censorship gets quite frustrating.

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Josefin Devine, a researcher at the Institute for Language and Folklore, told The Local that the meaning of the name Fucke is ‘not entirely clear’, saying: ‘There is a suggestion for interpretation that it could mean ‘wedge shaped piece of earth’, from the Old West Norse word fokka, but that interpretation doesn’t explain the sound change. So it’s unclear!’

In a bid to finally be able to post things online more freely, residents from the village have sent in a joint application to The National Land Survey of Sweden to change the name of the village to Dalsro, meaning ‘quiet valley’, according to SVT, per The Local.

The name change would almost certainly solve the censorship issues, but residents may have to wait some time as name changes must be considered by both the Swedish National Heritage Board and the Institute for Language and Folklore before they can be approved.

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Until then, residents will have to remain in the village of Fucke, which the Institute for Language and Folklore describes as ‘by a lake, situated very high up on a hillside with very steep fields’.

Devine has explained that when deciding on a name change, it is ‘often about weighing different aspects against each other, like, for example, modern, practical issues with the name on the one hand, with protecting our cultural heritage on the other.’

Here’s hoping the residents get what they want, but even if they don’t, at least the village name is a memorable one!

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