Vigil held for 10-year-old boy shot, killed inside Queens home | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack

Jovan Young, 29, was arrested following tips to police on Tuesday, which would have been Justin Wallace’s 11th birthday.

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Now, that young boy killed in Far Rockaway Queens in the latest case of gun insanity in New York City. Family and friends are expected to hold a vigil this hour for Justin Wallace. Meanwhile, the suspected gunman, 29-year-old Jovan Young, arraigned in the last hour, held without bail, and charged now with murder and attempted murder. Eyewitness News 4 NJ Burkett live at the courthouse in Kew Gardens with those new details. NJ.

NJ BURKETT: That’s right, Bill. The suspect, the suspected gunman, was arraigned here at Queens Criminal Court in Kew Gardens and ordered held without bail. Prosecutors say he was picked out of a lineup, a photo lineup, by three individual eyewitnesses. And yes, we learned this afternoon that the child was killed with a single bullet that pierced his heart and lungs.

Prosecutors say the gunman rolled up outside the house determined to settle a score, and blasted the front door with bullets like a scene out of a mafia movie. The bullets struck and killed Justin Wallace who died just days before his 11th birthday. He was visiting relatives for a family barbecue there on Saturday. Justin’s cousin was wounded, but survived.

29-year-old Jovan Young is now charged with murder, attempted murder, assault, and weapons possession. Investigators say the shooting was the violent end of an ongoing dispute between Justin’s extended family and their next door neighbors over a shared driveway.

DERMOT SHEA: This is not the first time that there has been words over that driveway. And that’s what is the incident, if you will, that started the dispute, that later in the day this individual comes and shoots into the stairway house hitting the two victims.

NJ BURKETT: Detectives believe Young was acting on behalf of his friends who live in the home next door. Why was not immediately clear. Young is the father of three young children, two of whom by this woman who defended him.

I just think he was there at the wrong time. He probably was there trying to cover his friend and didn’t know all that was going to happen, you know? I don’t believe he was the one that was pulling the trigger, you know?

NJ BURKETT: Young surrendered to detectives yesterday, among the latest to be arrested in an epidemic of gun violence that has gripped New York City, leaving hundreds dead or wounded so far this year.

BILL DE BLASIO: The message is clear. If you use a gun in New York City, you will be arrested. If you harm someone, if you kill someone, you will be brought to justice. There will be consequences, more than ever before.

NJ BURKETT: And now, the live picture from the vigil for Justin in Edgemere down in the Rockaways. It’s about nine miles from where we are here at Queens Criminal Court. The suspect Jovan Young was arrested on what would have been Justin’s 11th birthday. He was a fifth grader. Again, young was arraigned here within the hour and ordered held tonight without bail.

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