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Last updated: December 27th, 2021 at 14:42 UTC+01:00

Samsung is updating the beta version of its popular mobile browser to version The latest update to Samsung Internet beta doesn’t add any new and exciting features, but thankfully, it appears to be addressing a handful of annoying issues.

If you’ve experienced the keyboard closing when typing in the address bar in Samsung Internet Browser beta, version should address this problem.

Likewise, according to the official changelog (seen below), the recent update should fix a freezing issue that occurs when performing swipe gestures during full-screen video playback, as well as an error that prevented browsing history from being displayed correctly on some devices.

Along with these bug fixes, Samsung Internet Browser beta version claims to improve stability and apply new security patches.

If you want to try out the latest features in Samsung Internet Browser before they even go live, you can download the beta version of the app from the Google Play Store or the Galaxy Store. Of course, you’ll risk running into some bugs now and again when you use a beta version of an app, but you can contribute to the app’s development by providing feedback to Samsung.

Or you can stick to the live version of Samsung Internet browser. It’s one of the best for mobile, and it constantly gets new features from the beta version once they’re polished out — the most recent of which were tab groups and the movable URL bar.

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