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Verizon customers are getting a new gaming-related perk: Starting on Tuesday, the carrier is going to offer free access to Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass. 

If you’re on a Verizon unlimited plan, which starts at $35 per month, you’ll get six months of free access to one of the two services. Meanwhile, customers on the “Play More” or “Get More” unlimited plans will receive 12 months of free access. 

Both Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass usually cost $4.99 a month. In return, you can play a vast catalog of games, without needing to endure ads or in-app purchases. 

Apple Arcade works best for iPhone owners and users already entrenched in the Apple ecosystem. Games include NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition, The Oregon Trail, and Star Trek: Legends, plus over 180 other titles. Apple Arcade also works on iPads, Macs, and Apple TV 4K. 

Google Play Pass, on the other hand, is designed to work on Android phones and tablets. The service also has a much larger game catalog at more than 800 titles, including Stardew Valley, This War of Mine, and Sonic the Hedgehog Classic.

It’s important to note the services don’t stream the games to your device. You need to download and install them. However, some titles do support multiplayer, which can consume mobile data. 

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Verizon hasn’t said how customers can access the upcoming perk. But the company is preparing to post web pages with more information on Tuesday. The Apple Arcade page can be found here while the Google Play Pass site can be accessed here.

To optimize the gaming experience, Verizon is selling game controllers that work with either an Android or iPhone device. The perk from the carrier will apply to both existing subscribers and new customers, who enroll by Aug. 19. Both game services also support sharing access with multiple family members.

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