Valve’s Steam Winter Sale Is Now Underway | #linux | #linuxsecurity

For those wanting to pickup some new games to enjoy around the holidays and/or expand your game collection ahead of the Steam Deck beginning to ship next quarter, Valve’s Winter Sale is now underway.

Valve calls this their “biggest sale of the year” with big discounts on a plethora of games — for the games that aren’t native to Linux, many Windows titles will work with ease thanks to Steam Play.

Head on over to if looking to take advantage of this end-of-year sale running through 5 January.

The wonderful site has also made a few updates as well that were timed for the Steam Winter Sale for helping to navigate the Windows titles that work well or not with Steam Play… I’ll be checking out some of the sales and continuing to look for more automated-benchmark friendly titles (always enjoy suggestions especially for those wanting to search “benchmark” and similar strings in your Steam game collection looking for new hits of binaries that may offer nice CLI options).

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