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The UVM Medical Center is taking applications through Jan. 23 for a free eight-week training program in phlebotomy — the process of drawing and preparing blood for medical testing, transfusions and donations — with a guaranteed job at the hospital following graduation.

The program is part of UVMMC’s response to a nationwide health care staffing crisis, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Federal Emergency Management Agency sent 20 first responders to UVM Medical Center on Dec. 17 to help with record numbers of patients, many of whom are “very sick” with COVID-19 or other serious conditions, according to UVMMC.

Up to 12 candidates will be accepted into the Phlebotomy Training Program, offered in partnership with the Institute for American Apprenticeship at Vermont Healthcare & Information Technology Education Center. The starting salary for graduates of the program is $15.78 per hour, with the possibility of performance-based increases to $16.57 per hour at the end of the first year of work.

“Giving people who might otherwise not be thinking about going into health care the chance to pursue a great career is one of the things this program does incredibly well,” Cindy Nelson, director of pathology and laboratory medicine for the UVM Medical Center, said in a news release. “From people right out of high school to those who are looking for a totally new career later in life, this course is really for anyone who wants to hit the ground running on day one and become part of a great team and an integral part of the work we do caring for our patients every single day.”

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