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The open house will be conducted both in person and virtually and will introduce participants to the Cyber Range’s capabilities. Individuals can register to participate in free demonstrations of several training scenarios including a ransomware attack, a SCADA vulnerability exploit and a website defacement.

“Speed of response, coordination amongst team members and understanding a team’s strengths and weaknesses are critical to fending off and defending against cyber attacks, yet most teams haven’t faced this scenario,” said Joe Mallen, director of the UTSA Cyber Range. “Our facility provides the experience of being under attack and learning to work together as a team, all without ever exposing your business infrastructure to real threats.”

Running on corporate-grade, fully functioning virtual networks, the Cyber Range network architecture allows teams to experience advanced attacker behaviors that they may encounter on the job, like ping sweeps, lateral movement and data exfiltration. Participants then leverage a suite of commercial security tools to remediate the attack. Ultimately, the platform assesses an individual’s progress and evaluates their skill based on a variety of factors throughout the scenario.

“Just like pilots learn how to fly using flight simulators, cybersecurity professionals can learn the nuances of cyber defense through these live play scenarios,” said Mallen. “We are building a community of cyber warriors who can all look out for each other.”

Individuals or corporations can participate in individual training sessions or purchase a Cyber Range membership. The membership allows access to free training sessions, quarterly speaking events, tabletop exercises and discounted private training sessions. Sessions completed on the range also qualify for continuing-education units.

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