UTI’s MIAT College of Technology’s Aviation Maintenance Students to Compete in Annual Aerospace Maintenance Competition in Dallas, Texas April 25-28 | #education | #technology | #training

MIAT College of Technology’s (MIAT) Aviation Maintenance Program students will participate in their first Aerospace Maintenance Competition (AMC) in Dallas, Texas, from April 25-28. The MIAT Mustangs will field a team of six students and one alternate all currently enrolled in the school’s Part 147 FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) certification programs.

Ninety aircraft technician teams from around the world are scheduled to compete at the 2022 AMC. This is the first year the MIAT Mustangs will compete at AMC and are extremely honored to be selected as one of three aviation maintenance programs sponsored by United, Houston’s hometown airline. MIAT is part of Universal Technical Institute, Inc.’s family of brands.

The AMC, held in conjunction with Aviation Week Network’s MRO Americas, offers an opportunity for professionals and students in the aerospace maintenance sector to compete in a series of timed events highlighting various tasks found in the field. This competition allows students an opportunity to test their skills on the competition floor while also being exposed to the future of aviation with cutting edge equipment and technology.

“This is an incredibly exciting time for our students and the Houston MIAT campus,” commented Michael Riccardelli, Houston campus aviation A&P instructor. “The team has been busy practicing and simulating the competition environment. The competition is an amazing opportunity for the students to showcase their abilities and see how they compare against their peers across the country.”

Led by Riccardelli, the student team is composed of six team members including, Team Captain Aiden Shih-Garcia, Erik Hersche, Diana Garcia, Garrett Nasrallah, Brian Veiga, and Ryan Pernarelli.

Teams will have 15 minutes to complete each event with a five-minute break in between events. There are approximately 25 events scheduled for the 2022 AMC. The MIAT Mustangs will compete with the two other United-sponsored teams, West LA College and Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics’ (PIA) Youngstown Ohio Campus.

The MIAT Mustangs have already successfully completed their first competition event at the Aircraft Technologies Group, Inc. (ATG) Aero Skills Tournament in San Antonio, Texas in October of 2021 – a sheet metal/structural competition for aviation schools. The Mustangs took first place in the senior division; first, second and third place in the junior division; and first place exhibition overall.

“Our commitment goes beyond flying our customers where they want and when they want, but mentoring the future generation of aviation professionals and ensuring we do our part to create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace, especially in the maintenance hangar,” stated Bonnie Turner, director of Airframe Repair & Overhaul at United. “These competitions give our aircraft maintenance mechanics an opportunity to further promote the skills needed to succeed in the field, including problem solving, communication and teamwork.” 

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