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There IS a Linux Telegram desktop client. Has been for a long time. And you don’t need a “smartphone”, either; it’s not like Signal, which won’t work on the desktop unless you have the mobile app to ‘pair’ it with. All you need for Telegram is any mobile phone number; you WILL need this, because Telegram sends a six-digit code in a text message to your phone the first time it runs; simply enter that when requested, and the client will then fire-up.


You can find it here:-


What you get in the download is a tarball. When you extract this, you’ll find a pair of binaries; the client itself, and an updater. So long as you keep them both together in the same directory, you can run them from anywhere… that sense, it’s a ‘portable’ app. Simply click on the Telegram binary to run it. The client will check for updates every time it starts, and if there is one, will download it…..then prompt you to re-start.






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