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Google Chrome has found 37 bugs in its browser. So, without delay, press the Google Chrome update button. Here’s how to.

Is Google Chrome on the top of your list of web browsers? If so, update it now! Google has announced the release of a new version of this widely used web browser this week that fixes a total of 37 bugs that users may have been affected by. Google Chrome has categorised the majority of these issues as high-level warnings and one of them is considered critical. This is the most number of bugs that Google has listed in a long time. Relief for users is that, unlike in some previous alerts, Google hasn’t included any zero-day warnings to any of these new vulnerabilities, indicating that they haven’t been extensively exploited by hackers yet. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t be targeted in the future so it’s absolutely vital to make sure your browser is fully updated to the very latest 97.0.4692.71 version.

Google hasn’t shared additional details about the Chrome vulnerabilities until the majority of people upgrade their browsers, although Google classified one of the 37 as Critical, while 10 are High level, and 10 are Medium level critical. These vulnerabilities can be exploited by any cyber attacker and may land Chrome users on a malicious web page without even letting you know.

Other reason why you should hit Google Chrome update button

Besides the issue fixes, there’s another reason why you should upgrade Chrome to the latest version. Every new update gives users better control over privacy. The latest version of Chrome includes a bunch of privacy tools that lets you erase more than that website tries to store, unlike the current version where you need to delete individual cookies from the website. So, if you are convinced now that why you need to update your Google Chrome browser right now, find the steps to update the browser here.

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