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Safari 15 was released last week for macOS Big Sur and macOS Catalina. Safari 15 has caused some problems for certain users. The current upgrade was intended to make the browser quicker, more efficient, and more secure, however some users have reported that Safari 15 has been crashing often in routine use since the update. “The automatic update to Safari 15 (Catalina) came across and now a huge number of websites no longer open,” one user described on Apple’s Forum.

Apple plans to release macOS Monterey later this year, which will include Safari 15 and a slew of new features like grouped tabs, quicker speed, the ability to switch websites from HTTP to HTTPS if available, improved security, and redesigned tabs, among others. 

MacOS catalina page loading issue

Various users on the Macrumors Forums, Reddit, and Twitter have reported that some websites in Safari 15 on macOS Catalina are failing to load. The customers who are affected are receiving error messages that say “a problem repeatedly occurred.” Some users’ advice against upgrading to Safari 15 until Apple resolves the problem.

Youtube bookmarking problem    

The issue of bookmarking a YouTube page in Safari 15 was brought to light by the YouTube channel Krazy Wabbit. On both macOS Big Sur and macOS Monterey Beta, attempting to bookmark a YouTube page in Safari 15 causes the browser to crash.

Create a bookmark folder for YouTube videos and then move YouTube pages into the folder in the Safari sidebar as a workaround.

Affected users have discovered a workaround: deactivating JavaScript fixes the issue. Uncheck the Enable JavaScript box in Safari in the macOS menu bar > Preferences… > Security. However, it is not a long-term solution. Disabling JavaScript isn’t a great solution and could cause other issues on many websites. This problem can be resolved permanently by reinstalling Safari 15 from Apple’s servers. 

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